Rise of the Brown Emcee pt 4 (Dedication to Arizona)-Free the Land


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This has been a trying week especially if you are of Brown hue and live in the racist state of Arizona.  Fortunately lots of folks are fighting back and we wanna show support by highlighting the many emcees withing Hip Hop who are putting down the smash.. We call this Rise of the Brown Emcee pt4.

Pay close attention to new music from Chuck D and Toki Wright who have released songs addressing the situation. Chuck makes the connection to the Berlin Wall and its eventual fall and whats taking place in Arizona. ‘Tear Down That Wall’ is a masterpiece.

Toki Wright delivers the goods by remaking the Public Enemy classic ‘By The Time I get to Arizona’. here Toki intersperses his voice with Chuck D’s from the original. It starts off with him asking ‘What would Chuck D do in this situation?.. Toki  had no idea that Chuck had just penned a song of his own a few days earlier.

Immortal Technique, Quese IMC, Ana Tijoux, Deauce Eclipse  and Rebel Diaz all have slamming songs that underscore the theme of Brown Power and Unity..

Enjoy this week’s offerings.

 Rise of the Brown Emcee pt 4 (Dedication to Arizona)

Davey D in the Mix

01-Arizona Rally-Man Speaking about SB1070

02-Arizona Rally-Woman Speaking about SB1070

03-Chuck D – Tear Down That Wall

04-Tha Mexakinz – Confessions

05-Commentary-The IndiansAre Coming Back

06-J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – ¿Qué Pasa? feat. Deuce Eclipse

07-Ana Tijoux – Crisis De Un MC

08-Rebel Diaz – Free Again Featuring M1 of Dead Prez

09-Ana Tijoux – La Nueva Condena

10-2mex – Across And Down

11-Quese Imc – Hey Young World feat. Rusty Diamond

12-EPMD – Immigration-Give People What They Need-Az Mi

13-Euphrates – Iraqnaphobia

14-Public Enemy – Security of the First World

15-The Game w/ 50 Cent – Immigration-hate it orLuv It-192

16-various – BreakdownFM-25Joints-RiseofLatin-short

17-Orishas – Trese

18-Orisha w/Tony Touch-Represent

19-Fulatino – Serenata Negro

20-Mexicano 777 – Funcion Mental

21-Immortal technique – Poverty of Philosophy

22-DJ Muggs Vs Sick Jacken Feat. Cynic – Black Ships

23-commentary-Indians Are coming Back

24-Toki Wright – By The Time I Get To Arizona 2010 Reduex

25-Ras K’dee– Mother Earth

26-Cihuatl Ce – Dreamah

27-Big Dan – My People Mi gente

28-Bang Data – Mi Viejo (A Mi Padre)

29-Ras Ceylon – Afrocentric Azian

30-Maria Isa  w/ Tone Capone– Street Politics Ft. Killa Capone

31-Savage Family – Sacrifice

32-K’naan – T.I.A.

33-Blackalicious – Smithzonian Institue of Rhyme

34-Mala Rodriguez – Elgallo

35-MV Bill – So Deus Pode Me Julgar- (Brazil)

36-Kanye West – jesus walks

37-Kashmere Stage Band – Ain’t No Sunshine

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