One Hood Challenges the Media Portrayal of Black Youth


The above documentary, “Game Changers” was written and produced by Chris Moore for WQED TV. According to Mr. Moore, “Jasiri X and Paradise Gray of One Hood Media are Game Changers who are teaching young black men how to play the media game and control their own images. In this day of the Internet they don’t need anyone’s permission to blog or shoot their own videos, they control the vertical and the horizontal, and thus they realize the power that they have to change the way they are perceived in popular culture. It is a transformative moment when these students finally get in the game, they become Game Changers.”

One Hood Media Academy, established by Jasiri X and Paradise “The Arkitech” Gray, in conjunction with August Wilson Center for African American Culture and a generous donation provided by the Heinz Endowments, is the tool to help African American young men critically analyze media messages, broaden their experience of media, and develop the creative skills needed in producing their own media. The mission is to improve self-image, dispel stereotypes, and provide a positive forum of self-expression.  The program is offered to 25 young African-American men, ages 13-19.  The course will include, though not limited to, the art of blogging, video production, and social media. Applications for entry are now being accepted until February 1, 2013. The Academy will be held at the Elite Studios, 901 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.

David Banner

David Banner

One Hood Media Academy’s opening ceremony will be held at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture on January 25, 2013 at 7 p.m. with special guest, Grammy award winning, multi-platinum artist David Banner.  A Conversation with David Banner will include an in depth discussion with David Banner regarding the Black male image in Hip Hop, his career and current activities, as well as current state of Hip Hop.  The ceremony will also feature a performance by One Hood Media Academy graduates Jordan Montgomery and Cameron Layne.

The Only Color That Matters Is Green-(World Premier)

Jasiri X and Paradise of X-Clanare two of my favorite cats in the world. First, they are dedicated to the cause of trying to uplift our folks. Two, they stay grinding. Meaning they are constantly looking for new ways to educate, entertain and enlighten. Three, they and the rest of  the One Hood crew stick together like family..  When I went to Pittsburgh I saw how they were keeping the essence of Hip Hop together, by taken whatever situation that was tossed to them and flipping it..

 On Friday Sept 25th, we found ourselves unable to join the G-20 protest march because of police barricades. Instead of sitting around and complaining, Paradise and his crew member Sherman took their cameras and decided to make the thousands of police that were on hand a backdrop for a music video.  It certainly caught the police off guard , but it made perfect sense. Its our tax payer money and our streets. Might as well put that 18 million bucks to good use..

The song says it all ‘The Only Color that Matters is Green’  . Enjoy the video..


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Breakdown FM: Interview w/ Pittsburgh Rapper Jasiri X-The police State of Pittsburgh & the Upcoming G20 Summit



Jasiri X gave a sobering wake up call about the state of affairs in Pittsburgh which has been deemed 'America's Most Liveable City'

Jasiri X gave a sobering wake up call about the state of affairs in Pittsburgh which has been deemed 'America's Most Liveable City'

We sat down with Pittsburgh rap star Jasiri X of the organization One Hood who talked to us about all that was going on the city which has made national news because of the city’s infamous footbal team , the Steelers winning a record number 6 superbowls. Residents proudly refer to the city as Sixburgh as people around the nation praised the city as one that has returned from the harsh economic turbulance of Steelmills shutting down and factories leaving to go overseas.  

Jasiri X laid to rest those myths by pointing out that underneath the pride and swagger is another story  as the city gets prepared for the upcoming G20 Summit. His assessment was sobering and eye opening and in stark contrast with the nationwide write up Pittsburgh had recently gotten as being the ‘most liveable city in America’. 

 Most notable in this interview was Jasiri expressing profound disappointment in the way President Obama has allowed a number things around the issues of poverty and police brutality slide.  There were many within the organization One Hood who spent countless hours registering people to vote and taking them to the polls only to have them and their community overlooked when Obama’s aid Valerie Jarrett came to town and made shocking statements  about how economic hardships have not befallen Pittsburgh. Jasiri talked in great detail about the immense poverty that still exists in many of the city’s Black communities. He talked about how gentrification and new developments have worsened things not made them better.

He talked about the on going police harrassment and terror residents are experiencing on a routine basis.  He talked about how the Pittsburgh police department has been making practice runs for the upcoming G20 summit, in the Black community. They been using all sorts of new crowd control and surveillenace techniques in the hood.

Jasiri X talked about how the police have been showing up in the hood with army tanks and extra man power even though several officers have been killed in in neighborhoods outside the hood. Pittsburgh is becoming a police state with all sorts of laws restricting people’s movements being put into place. Among those victimized by this new crackdown are people activist/journalist  Paradise Gray of X-Clan. He was recently arrested on trumped up charges when he came to film a protest that people were having against gentrification.  Many feel Gray was arrested so he could be on the books and face stiffer penalties should he show up to film or protest at the upcoming G20 summit.

Jasiri talked about how officers have been put on notice that if they leak out any information about security plans for the upcoming G20 Summit, they will be terminated. Sadly no officer has been terminated for committing acts of brutality. He noted how the city has been hiring police outside the city of Pittsburgh and how its caused a lot of tension and unrest.

Jasiri talked about how all protests in city parks have been banned in preparation for the G20. All permits have been denied including one solicted by a Pittsburgh legislator. 



Breakdown M Podcast Interview w/ Pittsburgh Rapper Jasiri X



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