President Obama Wants the FBI to Have More Access to Spy on You

Obama got a game plan about this gun control stuff

Obama wants the FBI to have more access to you

Was concerned when the local news reported that President Obama is pushing new legislation to make Skype and other popular technologies available for the FBI to eavesdrop and spy on.. Obama says that people aren’t using phones as much and Skype is now being used so-called bad people they need to keep track of.. Now before folks go sounding off about how we need to do this to save lives.. I say BS.. If the FBI or anyone needs to track a SUSPECT there are other ways like old-fashioned surveillance or placing a bug on the person you are following … With all these warrantless wiretap laws this new push from Obama just furthers the rising police state.. Folks need to wake up..

here’s a more indepth article about what our government is doing..

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Skype, BlackBerry, and other Internet communications services are under attack!  The Obama administration and the FBI are pushing legislation that would ban online communications technologies like these unless their developers make it easy for the government to wiretap them.

The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) requires telecom companies to make it possible for the government to wiretap their networks. Now Obama and law enforcement want to expand CALEA to cover all online communications technologies, including peer-to-peer and social networking apps.

Companies that want to avoid stifling regulations, and those that actually care about our privacy rights, would have to leave the U.S. That’d reduce our prominence as a technology leader, and encourage the government to devise ever more heavy-handed ways of blocking Americans from using the offending technologies.  Other companies would comply by creating back-doors that could lead to more privacy violations and make the Internet more vulnerable to attack: experts say wiretap-ready technologies would be much easier to hack.

An expansion of CALEA would be a tremendous blow to a free and open Internet.  Lawmakers need to reject it: Will you sign our petition demanding that they do so?

FULL TEXT OF PETITION TO CONGRESS:  The CALEA expansion would lead to more privacy violations and make the Internet more vulnerable to attacks, and would put U.S. technology developers at a disadvantage to their peers across the world.  We need you to reject it.

Just sign on at right and we’ll deliver the petition to Congress before they act on CALEA

Our Interview w/ Actress & Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr of the Peace & Freedom Party

Last night hundreds of people came to downtown Oakland’s Oakstradam University to hear actress and now Presidential Candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party Roseanne Barr speak. Weighing heavily on everyone’s mind in this overwhelmingly Democratic city were the recent raids orchestrated by the Obama administration against Cannabis clubs which were legalized by the state 15 years ago and have been an economic boom, tourist attraction and have provided a variety of services for the City of Oakland. To date Cannabis clubs are the second highest source of taxes for the city and so when the unannounced raids occurred more than a few residents and city officials were upset and remain upset.

Roseanne Barr who is steeped in natural health issues and green economy, spoke passionately to the packed house and explained her vision for this country and laid out a blueprint for others to follow. her remarks were well received..Afterwards I spoke with her about what’s shes experienced on the campaign trail. She explained that she was surprised to see just how corporatized the political process has become. The big money embedded is beyond shocking and has had far-reaching chilling effects. She also talked about the complicity of media and corporate backed pundits who she said work hand in hand with some of those powerful interests that have silenced the diversity of voices and perspectives that exists..

Roseanne Barr also noted that she’s been documenting her run for office and will eventually share with the world what’s she had to endure over the past 13 months that she’s been running. She says it will shed a lot of light and hard truths about our Democracy.. Also on hand at last nights gathering was former Green Party presidential candidate and congress woman Cynthia McKinney. Barr’s running mate, antiwar activist  Cindy Sheehan was expected to be there, but for whatever reason was a no-show.. Below is my interview w/ Barr.. Enjoy