NY Rapper-NYOil Starts Unemployment Jobs Initiative


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Controversial Emcee Starts Jobs initiative “Employment and Empowerment start with the same 3 letters”

NYOIL (Activist / Artist / CEO Petroleum Empire Media Group) Starts “EMP Initiative” to increase job opportunities and employee awareness. NYOIL the controversial Hip Hop artist who is best known for songs like “Y’all Should All Get Lynched” which was licensed by BET for an animated short, or “Father Father” a touching song speaking to and for Fathers and now being turned into book form, has embarked on a new and very significant endeavor.

The “EMP Initiative” (EMPathize, EMPloy, EMPower) is the result of NYOIL’s own experiences as an Artist and Activist attempting to maintain a career while serving the community. The Initiative is based on 3 principles (Empathy, Employment and Empowerment)-
Empathy – The larger body, has to empathize and connect to the fact that people are hurting during these hard times. With companies seeking bail outs, restructuring, or outright closing, the job market appears to be dwindling. In the U.S., a country once touted for its industry and infrastructure, we see many companies have moved industry based jobs off shore where labor is cheap. These same jobs that built cities like Detroit are now building Taiwan, China, and India. Employ – employment instigates spending, investments, housing, better educational opportunities and healthier people. It creates income for families left unsure and insecure in today’s world. Empower – Speeches inspire but they do not empower, marches shed light on dark issues but they do not empower, Empowerment is the facilitation of people’s personal power. What could be more empowering than employment for a young father with the daunting task of raising a family, for a college student with few resources, or for the single mother?

This EMP initiative will launch on Wednesday May, 20th 2009 live at 1pm -3pm est on NYOIL’s radio show “Build Sessions” where he will interview Mr. Jean Paul Renard Vice President of Distinctive Personnel. Distinctive Personnel is New York’s oldest and largest Hispanic-Owned Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), State Certified Employment Service Agency with a nationwide database of over 17 million resumes. As a Proud Chilean American, Mr. Renard is very active in the city’s thriving Latino Community. As one of his many accomplishments, Mr. Renard is also the President and CEO of The Hispanic Employment Services.
“Jean Paul’s executive background and company profile makes him a no brainer for the initiative I’m setting in motion. But what makes him most attractive is not just his ability to EMPloy but his ability to EMPathize with both the urban and ethnic paradigm. I’ve also had the pleasure of knowing ‘JP’ since the age of 4 and regard him as one of my VERY best friends. We were friends before he could speak English properly so I know that JP understands what being a minority in this job market is about.” Says NYOIL.

Along with the upcoming radio interview NYOIL and his company PEMG have arranged to establish a direct EMP portal via NYOIL’s own website (www.nyoil.com) for prospective Job seekers to Distinctive Personnel.
“Ultimately it’s about doing the REAL work that will empower the community to achieve the promise of change we voted for in November, it’s about redefining what Activism must be and do for this generation of leadership, and it’s about creating real opportunity and real economics for real empowerment” -NYOIL

NYOIL’s Build Sessions streams live on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nyoil every Sunday at 3pm – 5pm est. and Wednesday at 1pm – 3pm est. Build Sessions is a call in show format based on building real solutions and highlighting grassroots activism and organizations from a Hip Hop paradigm. Call in number is 347.677.0718. Past Guest have included Paradise Gray (1hood / X-clan), DJ Johnny Juice (Public Enemy), Tye Phoenix (Emcee), Adissa Banjoko (Hip Hop Chess Assoc), KRS One (STVM, Temple Of Hip Hop), Mecca (Source Magazine) to name a few.

Mr. Jean Paul Renard is Vice President of Distinctive Personnel http://www.distinctivepersonnel.com/ . Founded in 1983, Distinctive Personnel is New York’s oldest and largest Hispanic-Owned Minority Business Enterprise. One of the fastest growing personnel agencies in the country
For more information / interviews contact pemgonline@gmail.com