NY Oil Steps Up, Helps Boost Self Confidence Teaches Youngsters How to Flow

NY based rapper NYOIL  has decided to stop talking about the problems and start working toward solving  them. In recent weeks , he has gathered up anumber of neighborhood youth and started putting on events for them specifically to boost their self esteem..He’s been taking the youngsters on outings and trying to be positive force in their lives. In this video below..NY Oil is shown teaching  12 yr old Lady Bree some flow drills as she works up to getting on the upcoming project. Its a beautiful thing..

NY Oil noted; “See no matter how old or young if you aint fire you can’t touch the track!!”

See how HipHop is being passed down to save the culture.. as it SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE a long time ago. Props to NY Oil..


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Obama’s First year in Office: Rapper NY Oil Squares Off Against Conservative Pundit Carol M Swain

Today Live on the BBC’s program “World Have Your Say” Hip Hop Artist/ Activist/ and the I.B.W. Ambassador to Hip Hop NYOILfaced off against conservative Carol M. Swain (http://www.carolmswain.net/biointro.html) in a discussion on Barack Obama’s first year in Office.
On Carol M. Swain, She is widely recognized as an expert on race relations, immigration, black leadership, and evangelical politics and she was a contributor for CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight.
While NYOIL is regarded primarily as a Hip Hop artist, however further inspection reveals a history as a long standing community activist and motivational speaker.

An impromptu face off occurred during the live broadcast between the Conservative Mrs. Swain and Hip Hop Social Pundit NYOIL which resulted in some great TV.

Below is the Youtube Link to both parts of the video, do enjoy and remember Hip Hop means more than some raps and dances.. it is a way of life that encompasses all kinds. As we progress into this new decade let’s let the world know that we are more than they ever imagined we should be. Let them note Hip Hop’s response to the tragedy engulfing Haiti in the form of the HipHop 4 Haiti National relief efforts taking place this January 30th. Let them see that as a culture we permeate every facet of society and we have and will continue to influence great minds and sharp thinkers from amongst our  own ranks, ready to lead our communities into a greater future.

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