3 Dope Songs From Farrah Burns…She Speaks Fluent Hip Hop

Farrah Burns

Farrah Burns

If you haven’t heard of this sista Farrah Boule Burns, you need to..especially if you love Hip Hop. I say this not be too cliché, but on the real this woman spits fire, from the heart and will seriously move you..She’s of Haitian Cuban descent and according to her Facebook page, she speaks fluent Hip Hop..

She noted in a recent interview with Amour Creole Magazine:

I understood it (Hip Hop) as a language first, then as a culture, and it made complete sense and was worth preserving. In order to preserve a culture you can’t allow a language to die. So I set the plan in motion cleared out my savings, got it trademarked and became a business.

She would later rock ‘I Speak Fluent Hip Hop’ t-shirts and hoodies’.

If there’s any doubt about Farrah’s ability to speak the Hip Hop language, I invite you to peep the video below ‘New York Sate of Mind‘.. Now if you’re gonna take a classic song from Nas, you better come correct.. Farrah does this by playing the role of 7 emcees..She does with no emcee has ever done.. she manage to take a Nas song and make it her own..


Her single  “Shot Gun Wedding” is a power house that will shake your soul… Based on a true story she depicts a tale of her father and his insecurities about complexion. The song really hits home as she paints a vivid picture of the many problems we face today Light skin vs Dark skin.

Farrah teamed up with the insanely talented Producer Kurser Fabrice to launch the Shot Gun Wedding Movement. When asked what the movement represents she replied “Shot Gun Wedding” is more than just a song, it’s raising awareness and encouraging open discussions at the dinner table. These are the same issues that’s rocking our foundation now. I want to do what the Cosby’s did for me but it in a hip hop way”


Her first Album Oval Metal landed her the Under Ground Music Awards for Best Female Rapper. The single of the same name skillfully borrows from Nina Simone as Farrah does what so many emcees have stopped doing, move us with some passionate words about a dilemma of the hear she’s facing.. We included the studio version as well as her rocking a live performance in Brooklyn..



If your digging this sister the way that I am.. I encourage you to check out her soundcloud page and make sure her music is on your ipads, in your serato and permanently stuck in your heart and mind.. Follow her on twitter @FarrahBurns.. Check our her Sound Cloud page at  https://soundcloud.com/farrahburns