Newest Rhymesayer Member Toki Wright Comes through and Represents



Minneapolis Hip Hop artist Toki Wright and the newest member of the Rhymesayers sat down w/ us to talk about the new Hip Hop College he is direction and race relations within Hip Hop. He talks about the importance of having an accredited school on Hip Hop and how we need to bridge the gap between Hip Hop from the hood and Hip Hop enjoyed in burbs. 



Hip-hop has emerged as the newest cultural phenomenon, with a global presence on stage and in youth culture, TV, film, radio, video games, and other media.  Hip-hop music, like every other musical genre from blues to jazz to rock, has a unique set of musical characteristics and challenges.  McNally Smith College of Music is proud to announce a new three semester Diploma program dedicated to hip-hop studies. Our new Diploma program in Hip-Hop Studies is for prospective students who want to explore and develop in a cross-departmental curriculum that covers music, recording technology, language, music history, and music business.
You’ll get hands-on technical training on recording and mixing music in a studio. You’ll take part in a three-course history sequence that grounds hip-hop in its cultural origins.  You’ll learn the fundamentals of language through creative writing and performance.  You will take part in a hands on introduction to deejay techniques and hip-hop music production.
Students enrolled in our other music degree programs can also take advantage of our wide range of hip-hop classes.  For example, music business majors can take hip-hop classes as electives.  
Whether you are focused on music performance, music composition, music business, or music technology our goal at McNally Smith College of Music is to provide you with a contemporary music education as far reaching and in depth as possible.  Today, this includes exploring the sound art of beats, lyrics, sampling, and remixing; the digital technology of MIDI, loop-based music, and hardware sound sources; the dynamic world of editing, mixing, and processing in the modern recording and production studio; and the business skills of branding and promoting your work in the new realm of social media.

Accredited by The National Association of Schools of Music



The hip-hop curriculum includes both general and hip-hop specific courses in the areas of  Music Technology, Music Composition, Music Performance, Music Business, General Music, and Liberal Arts. 

The Big Picture

The Hip-Hop Studies program spans three semesters and results in a Diploma credential.  The hip-hop program culminates with a comprehensive final project and an actualized professional portfolio.

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