MC Hammer Releases Video Repsonse Directed at Jay-Z

As we mentioned last week, MC Hammer wasn’t feeling Jay-Z taking shots at him around his past financial ¬†woes. Hammer promised he would expose him with a video response on Halloween night.

Hammer wound up alerting people to two of them. One was done by a Christian rapper named Bizzle who raised questions about Jay-Z and his use of demonic symbols. The other was put out by Hammer called Better Run Run. ¬†Initially a lot of folks immediately hated on the videos which has gotten close to 70 thousand views in less than a day, but then that started to turn around. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

It’ll be interesting to see if Jay-Z responds to either of them.

Below is the video from Bizzle..

Here’s the official Hammer video

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