US Marshal Told By Supervisors Not to Bring the ‘War on Drugs’ to White Communities

Matthew Fogg

Below is a video from a former US Marshal breaking down how the war on drugs really works.. It’s about smashing down on Black folks who are seen as marginalized and with very little political connections to stop what is institutionalized..

Meet Matthew Fogg, a former U.S. Marshal whose exploits led him to be nicknamed “Batman.” When he noticed that all of his team’s drug raids were in black areas, he suggested doing the same in the suburbs. His boss didn’t take kindly to the idea.

This is part of the SafeKeepers video series produced by the Beyond Bars campaign and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

I wanted to include another video that talks about this war waged on Black people in the form of Cointel-Pro.. This was an interview done in the 1970s from Darthard Perry who talks about how when he worked with the FBI they had him destroy the Watts Writers Workshop..Its also interesting to note how the FBI studies Black culture. The person interviewing Perry is the late Gil Noble.