Chris Rock Talks Grown Ups 2


( 4UMF NEWS ) Chris Rock Talks Grown Ups 2:
Chris Rock is back in Grown Ups 2 and brings the laughs.

It’s three years later and Rock talks about how the cast all wanted to reprise their roles because they’re all actually onscreen and off-screen friends. Rock talks about the film and giving an update where they are now.

It’s three years later and Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is dealing with the woes of being a dad, getting along with his wife Deanne McKenzie (Maya Rudolph), dealing with a new baby who like to poop, a daughter who starts dating and his son getting into trouble.

Chris Rock talks about the movie being good old family fun while on the red carpet at the Grown Ups 2 premiere.

Chris Rock is already hinting to a third installment and actually we would be interested. Would you?

Sony Pictures, Grown Ups 2 hits theaters nationwide Friday July 12th, 2013.