Rhymes get Written When Love & Trouble Arises (Breakdown FM)

Rhymes get Written when Love and Trouble Arise… Click links below to Listen
01-Pete Rock &CL Smooth ‘Lots of Loving’

02-Art of Noise ‘Moments in Love’ (Davey D Sista Souljah remix)

03-Paris ‘Assaata’s Song’

04-Brooklyn Funk Essentials ‘Take L Train to Bk’

05-Menaha Street Band ‘Tired of Fighting’

06-Menahan Street Band ‘Going the Distance’

07-Neomythic ‘Red Clay’

08-Labtekwon ‘Love Epilogue’

09-Brand Nubian ‘Sincerely’

10-Isaac Hayes ‘Walk on By’

11-Know Jazz ‘Funky Maiden’

12-Brand New Heavies ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’

13-J Boogie w/ Zumbi ‘For Your Love’

14-Jennifer Johns ‘O’

15-Adina Howard ‘That Man’

16-Kem ‘Say’

17-Christian ‘My Reason’

18-Abdidun Oyewole ‘Brown Sugar’

19-Brother Ali ‘You Say Puppy Love’

20-Jessica Celious ‘Yes’

21-Lloyd Jones ‘Baby You’re Driving me Crazy’

22-Kev Choice ‘This is Your Song’

23-Mystic ‘Beautiful Resistence’

24-Dessa ‘The Chacone’

25- Kellie Maze ‘Third Eye’

26-Maria Isa  ‘Street Politics w/ Killa Capone

27-Sunspot Jones ‘Magic Box For Me’

28-Word Burgular ‘Rhyme With I’m

29-Word Bugular ‘The Route’

30-Dessa ‘Children’s Work’