Breakdown FM: w/ Davey D on All Day Play Radio #2 Remember the Time When Hip Hop Was Raw?


Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on All day Play #2

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Remember The Time…

01-Notorious BIG “Whatcha Wanna Do? (DJ Noodles remix) (New York)

02-DJ Shadow Beats  (Davey D Speech mix)

03-Kanye West  w/ Adam Levine ‘Heard ‘Em Say’ (Chicago)

04-Christion ‘No Place’ (Oakland)

05-Christion ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ (Oakland)

06-Common w/ Darien Brockington ‘Testify’  (remix) (Chicago)

07-Jay-Z ‘Never Change’ (Davey D Ossie Davis remix) (New York)

08-Bahamadia ‘Spontaneity’ (Philadelphia)

09-Medusa ‘Fiend or Fix’ (Los Angeles)

10-Game w/ Will Iam ‘Compton’  (Compton)

11-Ice Cube w/ Dr Dre (natural Born Killaz’ (Los Angeles)

12-Sim City ‘Watch Me’ (Washington DC)

13-Wise Intelligent ‘Genocide’ (Trenton)

14-Jean Grae w/DJ  Jazzy Jeff ‘Supa Jean’ (New York)

15-Queen Latifah ‘Dance For Me’ (East Orange, NJ)

16-Queen Latifah Interview w/ Davey D-paying dues’

17-Queen Latifah ‘Nature of a Sista’ (East Orange, NJ)

18-Queen Latifah Interview w/ Davey D ‘Being an actor’

19-Queen Latifah ‘Just Another Day’ (East Orange, NJ)

20-Bang Data w/ Deuce Eclipse ‘Mi Viejo (A Mi Padre) (Oakland)

21-Bang Data w/ Deuce Eclipse ‘El Pacino (Oakland)

22-Azeem ‘Latin Revenge’  (Oakland)

23-Nina Dioz ‘El Arafato’ (Mexico)

24-MV Bill “so Deus Pode Me Juga’ (Brazil)

25-Downtown Science ‘Natural People’ (New York)

26-E-40 ‘The Story’ (Bay Area)

27-Joi “killing Time’ (New York)

28-Jurassic 5 “Friend’ (Los Angeles)

29-Truth ‘BS’ (Atlanta)

30- Pinay Divas ‘Tripping’ (Bay Area)

31-Kanye West Jesus Walks (Chicago)

32-Brooklyn Funk Essential “The Creator Has a Master Plan’ (New York)

33-Sunshine Anderson ‘Heard It All Before’ (New York)

34-Glen Lewis ‘Never Too late’

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