The Horrific Legacy of Papa & Baby Doc-haitian Dictators

By now many of us heard about the sudden return of Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Baby Doc Duvalier. The man who was known for having dissenters snatched off the streets and killed was exiled in 1986 after a popular uprising.

His return from France where he’s been holed up sent shock waves and fear throughout the embattled Island Nation. Why was he back? Would he have support of the US again? will he be arrested for human rights abuses? Is there a larger agenda at play? These are some of the questions raised around Baby Doc..

We wanted to dig deep and give some insight into the horrific legacy of the Duvaliers. Its one that folks should not forget, especially in terms of how Papa and Baby Doc presented themselves to the rest of the world. They talked a good game about being revolutionary and for the people, but they did everything they could to crush the people.

We at Hard Knock Radio sat down and spoke with Pierre Labossierre, co-founder of the Haiti Action Committee about Baby Doc and his father Papa Doc. He lived under the rule of Papa Doc and it was anything but nice. Whats even more disturbing is the role the United States played in maintaining their harsh dictatorship

We talk about Baby Doc being detained and his decision to stay in Haiti.

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