Goodie Mob, Jacka, Umi of RBG Drop Pearls of wisdom around Violence in the community


Last night, a historic gathering took place in san Francisco at the 330 Ritch club. That was the locale for the  Stop the Violence panel and townhall featuring reknowned artists like the Goodie Mob, Tha Jacka, Umi of RBG, Elaine Brown of the Black Panther party  and a host of others..

The  panelist spoke to the issue of violence within and outside of the community. They also spoke about political prisoner Chip Fitzgerald a former Black Panther who has served 40 years..

 T-Mo of the Goodie Mobb addressed the audience with his insight on the role he and his group can play on bettering the community..

Goodie Mob member Cee-Lo drops pearls of wisdom on the Stop the Violence panel. He talks about his responsibility to the communityalso talks about how and why Goodie Mob has managed to remain  together over the years..

Goodie Mob members Khujo and Big Gipp address the issue of community violence. They talk about their role as artists, noting that they’ve always put the community first.. The noted that they were activists more than artists..

Umi of RBG/ dead prez  speaks to the audience on the Stop the Violence panel about being revolutionary and having love for the community. He talks about how its important for us to turn that love into action and do things that will benefit the group and not just the individual..

Oakland rap star Tha Jacka talks about not glamorizing our faults and staying connected to the community as a way to set examples for those who look up to him.. Rudy Corbuz of United Playaz laces the audience with the importance of staying grounded and seeing the best within the people of the community.. Both men give us real food for thought

Former Black Panther chair Elaine Brown addressed the packed house for the Stop the Violence panel to talk about how the state places violence on us and we respond by turning on each other. She also talks about Black-Brown violence and lets us know how this has been orchestrated by the police and other law enforcement outlets that deliberately do things to ratch up tensions.. She offers the solution that the Black Panthers, Young Lords and Brown Berets used to come together…
We continue lacing people with inspiring words and solution at the Stop the Violence panel. Here Julio aka Gold Toes and Khujo of the Goodie Mob talk about empowering the community.. Julio talks about unting La Raza and teaming up with Jim Brown and folks from the NOI among others.. Talks about the gang enhancement laws and how the police are smashing on accusing people of gang banging

Khujo talks about how each person in the community has to be an inspiration and not to wait on and soley depend upon rap artists..

We conclude this Stop the Violence series with words of wisdom from former lifer Gerald of Not Without Tears talks about the gang situation in LA and how a lot of it is oftwen instigated by the police.  He talks about the influence of the Black Panthers and the Black on Brown conflict inside prison..

Nicco talks about the challenges young women are facing and how we must be aware of the hurt people are dealing with and help them heal..