Ice Cube Drops New Song About The Oakland Raiders, while Other NFL Cities sit back in Silence



Ice Cube drops song for oakland Raiders

Ice Cube drops song for oakland Raiders

To all my football fans around the country.. Can I just quote from the immortal being we call Ice Cube.. ‘Bow Down’. thats right suckers bow down..

Ice Cube has dropped a dope song honoring the greatest football team on earth-The Oakland Raiders..And even though I have publicly chastised our owner Al Davis and his moronic decision making, we has a Raider nation are the best.. Here’s the new Raider nation Anthem..Oh yeah you can download it for free..

Click link below to get Ice Cube song….

As you listen to this Ice Cube song..ask yourself why haven’t the artist in other cities followed up to support their teams..

For example, In Boston-home of the Cheating Patriots why hasn’t Mr Lif , Akrobatik, Benzino, and 50 thousand other emcees made a dope Patriot song?  Why? I’ll tell you why.. Because they don’t have true love for their team. They are fair-weather fans.. Plus their team is not inspiring..

In Pittsburgh you have everyone from Jasiri X to Paradise of the legendary group X-Clan, you have Wiz Kalifa, Kelly Maize, Mel-Man, Sam Sneed etc.. Where the hell is the terrible towel song? Where’s the ode to Franco ‘Yeah Right You caught the Ball’  Harris? Where’s the hit song extolling the virtues of a team that won 7 Superbowl?

To my 49er fans.. You guys are from the Bay..Where’s the 49er song? What San Quinn, Big Rich, Sake 1 and the 50 thousand other good emcees and DJs from Frisco couldn’t make a little time for their team or is the wine and cheese everyone is filling up on making folks lazy..Y’all better call up E-40 and tell him to get to work-he’s a 49er fan

I won’t talk about my new York brethren.. That Jim Jones adopt a song (Ballin anthem) don’t count.. When I see Diddy, Jigga and everyone else from the birthplace of Hip Hop do a real song for the Giants, or Jets I’ll be convinced y’all are legit..

Philly?? I was just there-Y’all got Michael Vick. Y’all have Beanie Sigel , Freeway and a thousand emcees. Y’all are gully, but not gully enough to have an Eagle anthem? Very suspect. very suspect.. mmmm

Atlanta..What? lil Jon, Outkast, Young Jeezy, Goodie Mob and every other rapper from the Black meca couldn’t do a song for the Falcons? Not one of y’all? I know the team is sorry, but still.. ATL has lived up the name of being the sleepy South.

New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis-Y’all should hold your heads in shame..Where’s Lil Wayne?  Where’s Prince? Master P? Common? Luke? Rick Ross?, Paul Wall?, Bun B?

Lemme go listebn to my raider nation Ice Cube anthem.. Oh yeah for the record, this is our second Raider Nation song.. The first one was done by the Luniz..

If any of you other cities need an emcee from oakland to come do a song for your team.. please let us know..

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