Breakdown FM-Going Back in the Days w/ DJ Kool Herc pt 2

Article-Sunday, November 20, 2005

Going Back in the Days w/ DJ Kool Herc pt 2
by Davey D and Mark Skillz

We continue our interview with Hip Hop’s Father-DJ Kool Herc. Here in part 2 he breaks down which legendary rappers would be on his all-time dream team.. One of the more interesting choices is Pebbly-Poo who was down with Masterdon and one of Hip Hop’s first dominating female figures. Herc also explained how Pebbly-Poo was so dope that he made her a part of the Herculoids.

Herc really goes into depth about the Sugar Hill Gang and the controversy surrounding group member Big Bank Hank. He talks about how Hank lived in the same neighborhood with him and that he tried not to get involved with the beef Grand Master Caz had with him over the rhymes Hank bit…

Herc also spoke about the way many media outlets exploit Hip Hop. he noted how he has been treated over the years and how ironic that he and other pioneers can be in a large city that has a radio station focusing on Hip Hop but he is rarely invited to come on those airwaves. Herc says his treatment is very different overseas where people have a much bigger appreciation…

Kool Herc concludes the interview by talking about his personal life. He explains his love for basketball and how he was really good until he messed up his ankle.

He also talks about his kids and how his young son may one day wanna get into Hip Hop. He’s now coming of age where he recognizes who his father is…

Here is the link to the Kool Herc Interview pt 2