Hip Hop Loses One of Its Dopest Battle Emcees.. RIP Eyedea of Rhymesayers


RIP Eyedea He was a beat on the mic


This has been a rough year for Hip Hop, too many have passed before their time. We lost Guru earlier this year. Last also west coast Hip Hop pioneers Mr Fantastic aka Melvin from the Bay Area and just last week Roger Clayton of Uncle Jamms Army.

Tonite we just got word that Micheal Larsen, aka Eyedea, who is down with the Rhymesayers camp in Minneapolis. The details around his death are sketchy. We know he was 28 and folks are saying he died in his sleep.

Eyedea was a beast on the mic. many of us knew him and his DJ Abilities. They put out about 3 or 4 albums on Rhymesayers. Later he put out a couple of solo albums The Many Faces of Oliver Hart Or: How Eye One the Write Too Think. But what really made Eyedea known was his battling. I recall him winning all sorts of battles earlier in the decade including Scribble Jam, The Blaze Battle and the Rocksteady Battles.  In many ways because he started making noise around the same time as Eminem, He was overshadowed in mainstream circles, but well known within underground enclaves.


People may also remember when Eyedea took on PEACE from Freestyle Fellowship


Eyedea had no problem going head up against people in his own crew.. peep this battle with Brother Ali


Remember when him and Murs of Living legends went head to head?


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