3 Dope Songs From Heather B

heather BStraight Outta Jersey is Heather B who Hip Hop fans know from her affiliation w/ Boogie Down productions and KRS-One.. Kenny Parker who is KRS’s brother produced her first album Takin’ Mine which i feel was an over looked classic..

In 2002 Gardner produced her second album, Eternal Affairs, with production from Pete Rock and DJ Premier. The album met with positive reviews despite not charting on Billboard.

Heather B’s third studio album, Open Bar, which was executive-produced by DJ Premier.

Outside of her music career, Gardner has appeared in The Real World: New York, where she got national recognition for it being the first season (1992)and one of the landmark TV shows that led to Reality TV.  She also appeared in the film The Wedding Video directed by Real World alum Norman Korpi, and a 2005 television commercial for America Online anti-virus software.

Heather B All Glocks Down


Heather B  Do You


Heather B I Get Wreck