Wrath of Khan: Idiots on the Loose (Fake Healthcare Disruptions)



Idiots On The Loose (Fake healthcare Disruptions) 

by Nida Khan

Freelance Journalist Nida Khan

Freelance Journalist Nida Khan

They’re not racists. They’re not angry because they’re increasingly becoming the minority in an ever-mixing society. They’re not infuriated that an African American man is leading the country, and moreover recognized as the most powerful man in the world … nope, the mobs of loud, vicious, instigating White folks storming local governmental meetings are mad over health care – and they’re not afraid to cling to their religion or guns to prove it.

As Congress prepares to take its annual August recess, members are returning to their constituents who are eagerly anticipating a thorough discussion surrounding health care. The debate has been waging for some time now as President Obama pushes a dire change to our costly, inefficient system. As the battle lines have been drawn – and redrawn – something more sinister has been taking place. Instead of engaging in insightful and informational conversations, many citizens are being brainwashed to ante up.

Frustrated over job losses, an ailing economy and a sense of hopelessness, angry Whites have now galvanized around a well orchestrated ‘protest’ against health care reform. Fueled by right wing media, pundits and so-called GOP leaders, these Whites have taken their subconscious hatred of ‘Black power’ and change to the streets and into governmental buildings in towns across America. Holding ‘R.I.P.’ signs with Democratic leaders’ names, and in some cases assaulting such leaders, these fundamental groups are yelling and disrupting order so that no real discussion can take place at all.

If you ask how many of these anti-health care reformers have Medicare, the overwhelming majority will answer ‘yes’. Can someone please tell these idiots that Medicare is a GOVERNMENT run program. So before chanting ‘less government’, perhaps these geniuses should take a good look at all the benefits they have received from our government over the years. And more importantly, they may want to take a look at why, just why, they are so damn mad.

(Nida Khan is a freelance journalist for print and radio visit her site http://wrathofnkhan.blogspot.com )


(peep out the videos below.. the first is an orchestrated Mob attack where hired conservatives attempt to shut down a town hall meeting and prevent discussion.. The second video is award winning journlaist Eric Boelhert explaining whats really going on..)

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