Move Over Montana Fishbourne, Actress Eva Mendes Releases Hardcore Sex Tape

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First it was Pamela Anderson then Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and then Lawrence Fishbourne‘s daughter Montana. All of them have released scandalous sex tapes which arguably have made or significantly enhanced their careers. We won’t even talk about stars like Hallie Berry and Sharon Stone who have gone nude in order to blow up and be more marketable.

The latest in Hollywood to add to this long list of actresses willing to push the envelope is Eva Mendes. She claimed she was tired of people trying to sneak pictures of her topless or in a compromised position and then making thousands of dollars by selling them. She decided to do her own sex tape and like Montana Fishbourne go above-board and sell it and market it herself.¬† It’s all about being in control and enjoy¬† sex tapes on your own terms.

Eva unlike her predecessors has managed to keep her sex tape classy and at times even humourous while showing us why she is one of the most searched actresses on the internet.

Click HERE to see Eva Mendes Sex Tape

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