Report Back From Haiti: Aid is Not Reaching People, Conditions are Dire, It’s a Military Occupation

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We were warned to pay close attention to the recovery efforts in Haiti.  People who experienced the trauma of Hurricane Katrina like rap star David Banner emphatically told us that the lights and cameras would be there for only a short period and without warning the tragedy would be yesterday’s news.  It would be during the recovery when CNN and ABC weren’t on the ground that people would be facing their greatest challenges. It would be during this period that people’s generosity would be taken advantage of, while the resources and money given would become political footballs.  It would be during this period that there would be major land grabs by those who are rich and powerful.  It happened during Katrina and it’s happening now in Haiti. The situation is very sad. The conditions are dire. Our government is at the center of the mischief making.

For those missed it.. Here’s our interview with David Banner

Last week long time Bay Area journalist JR the Minister of Information for the POCC and associate editor for the San Francisco Bayview Newspaper and owner of the Block Report Radio along with several comrades including Chris Zamani, M.D., Naseema McElroy, R.N.

We sat down and spoke with them yesterday as they explained what went down on their 5 day humanitarian mission to Cite Soleil and Del Mar.  Sadly 2 of the 5 days was spent standing on long lines and waiting as long as 8-9 hrs for infrequent flights to get to and from Haiti.  During our interview the group described in great detail the wretched conditions many of the people are living under.  It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach and get you angry at the callousness of our own military and government. They described the horrific conditions on the ground and went into detail about the types of atrocities the mainstream media is deliberately ignoring.

Dr Chris Zamani

We heard the whispers about AID not getting to the people and the large military presence which seems bent on intimidating people versus helping folks.  The group confirmed the stories. They talked about how tons of food and supplies are sitting on airports warehoused and not getting to the people.  They talked about their own efforts to feed people and some of the road blocks encountered. Dr  Zamani talked to us about treating people and was disturbed by the reports he kept hearing via our news agencies about there being a shortage of doctors.  He said that was one big lie and talked us about what was needed in the places he visited.  He really goes in on alot of the conditions and what road many are likeli to travel as recovery efforts continue.

JR who got to see much of the city Port Au Prince described the whole scene as one big occupation. he noted that it was more than obvious there’s a political agenda at play..

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Nurse Naseema McElroy talked to us about the living conditions the people were dealing with. She reminded us that there are no toilets and plumbing and that when it started raining pee and fecal waste would rise up from the ground and seep into the tents that people are now living and cause even more complications. The group talked about the over exaggeration of looting and violence. In fact if anything they talked about how people were going out of their way to help one another and laid out several stories highlighting people’s resilience in the face of such horror 

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In pt2 of our interview we spoke with JR who went in and talked about the politics and policies of what he encountered in Haiti. This was not his first trip to Haiti. He was there in 2004 when former president Aristide was ousted. He talked about what that was like then and what its like now and how US policy has been a hinderance to the Haitian people.

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JR really goes in on this and breaks stuff down..He talked how both white and Black elite Americans are exploiting Haitians during the recovery efforts and gave us details that hark back to the terrible days of Jim crow where Blacks were made to be seperate from whites. He says this is happening with Haitians now.  He talked in detail about the militarization of whats going on and how certain communitieslike Cite Solei known for being outspoken are seemingly being singled out and having aid withheld while being surrounded by well stocked military bases.

JR also talked about the way Wyclef and the efforts of other Hip Hop groups and organizations are being received. He highlights some of the on the ground Haitian leaders and activists we should look out for…Finally JR also offers up sound solutions on how to continue building. He strongly urges that we develop Haitian correspondants and we here in the states make it about to get news and information from Haitians on the ground. This is avery compelling interview.

Here’s the link to t2 of our interview

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Minister JR from Haiti, Part 1: Starvation and Jim Crow racism

Minister JR from Haiti, Part 1: Starvation and Jim Crow racism

by Minister of Information JR

Today, on the one month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, I went all over Port au Prince and saw the devastation firsthand and the occupation by Brazil under the guise of the U.N., and of course the U.S.A. I rode through Port au Prince all day and didn’t see one act of recovery going on.

 I haven’t left Port au Prince. Here it looks like the city was hit with an atomic bomb. All through the city you could smell dead bodies and see people going through the rubble lookin for scraps of metal to build a shanty-house and for anything that can be eaten, drunk or sold.

I don’t see where the millions of dollars that have been raised for Haiti is going. Everywhere people is starving. Me and my comrades gave some of the most desperate some money, but the thing is that it might help them today; what about tomorrow?

We been staying at a makeshift hospital run by some white so-called American missionaries. Today at the house I witnessed my first act of Jim Crow-type racism from so-called friends on this particular trip.

Haiti is like a time machine. It’s like 1920 here in terms of the apartheid type of relationships that the whites have with the Blacks. The white woman of “God” that runs the house says that Haitians can’t come in the house from their shantytown in the backyard after the hospital closes, but check this out: Multiple dogs have free reign all over the property. So in other words, these dogs are more important than the Haitians – including the hungry babies, the old people, the wounded and maimed and regular everyday people.

One of the members of our delegation was told not to feed the Haitians in the tent city in the backyard because they already eat once a day. The issue is, why do they think that they can determine who I share my food with? The house is full of white people who have free reign to eat as much as they want, and whenever they want.

One of the members of our delegation was told not to feed the Haitians in the tent city in the backyard because they already eat once a day.

The second issue is that when we went to Port au Prince we had a 19-year-old Haitian translator named Gady who helped our team. When we got back, the rooster-neck nun who is ultimately in charge of the house told him that he can’t be in the house, although we met him in the house the day before and hung out and listened to music to about 1 a.m.

We asked why, and she told us he wasn’t a good translator. I told her he did great with us, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. She told me he doesn’t know enough English medical terms to assist the doctors. I informed her that my team consists of journalists, and we didn’t need him to know English medical terms.

 She then quickly said there were other reasons, then told us that she just didn’t want him in the house, and if we needed a translator, contact her and she would hook it up. Most of the translators that I met were very subservient, except ours, and that’s why we got along.

She kicked him out, and we went out the house after him and paid him a third of what he would make in a month as a translator, because we realize how hard it is to find money, water and food, let alone a regular job.

I’m currently writing this from the house, and God knows I wish I had somewhere else to go out here rather than deal with these undercover racists. I don’t, so like my Haitian “auntie” told me, I’m supposed to see all of this so I can report it.

On another note, most of the Black people from the U.S. out here that I have met are complicit in this Jim Crow racism. They act like they don’t see it because it is not affecting them. These dumb ass people don’t recognize that these same crackers were doing this to their grandparents 60 years ago. It’s like Malcolm taught us, when he talked about the house slave and the field slave.

Like my Haitian “auntie” told me, I’m supposed to see all of this so I can report it.

This is my first report, on my first full day here. There is more to come, so stay tuned …

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