Racism in Hip Hop: Can You use Racial Slurs in a Battle?

Watching these videos of emcees battling where the racial daggers come out..In this first vid we see the white rapper (Casper) call a Black kid (actually mixed) a ‘nigger’.. Later he talks about lynching him.. Is that taking it too far or is that fair game in a battle..

In the second video we see a Persian rapper named Dizaster go off on his opponent A-Class with the Asian disses. It’s a bit over the top. is this latent racism or good battle strategy.. Can a we start making holocaust jokes in a battle? or do like the deejays┬ádid on Hot 97 a few years back and make fun of Southeast Asians drowning after a tsunami? ┬áCan we do like Cipher Sounds and make fun of Haitian women claiming they have Aids? Where do we draw the line in Hip Hop? Are these battles an excuse to unleash racist attitudes?