Star & Buc, Glen Ford of Black Agenda Respond to Michael Eric Dyson



GlenFord-blackagenda-225So last week I posted up a video clip of an interview I did with Michael Eric Dyson that has been making ther rounds. In the interview Dyson a former surrogate and early Obama supporter holds his friend’s feet to the fire.  He asserts that Obama was not being responsive to the needs of Black people. His remarks set off all sorts of response including two compelling remarks from Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report… Ford a long time critic of Obama even when he was a Senator, debated Dyson last year during the primaries and was said to have bested Dyson in the exchange. There was the promise to hold another debate  which never happened.

 Ford  a former radio newsman is known for coming to the table with indisputable facts opens up his remarks with some troubling statistics and numbers that about the amount of money given to banks on President Obama’s watch. he then launches in on Dyson and doesn’t let up..

StarThe other response comes from Star of the Star and Bucwyld Show. Star accuses Dyson of being an opportunist who has not been on the frontline of the struggle and his now smashing on Obama because he was snubbed. Star’s retort doesn’t have the political depth and insight of Ford but does touch on sopme factors that have stirred up debate.. We figure we’d share both.

-Davey D-

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For those who missed it.. Here’s Dyson’s initial jump off


Here’s the link to Star’s Response followed by Glen Ford’s

 Here’s the link to the Glen Ford Video