Before there was Madea w/ Tyler Perry, There was Geraldine w/ Flip Wilson-How Many of Y’all Remember?


flipwilsonsammydavisI like Tyler Perry and his character Madea. He/ she does have her funny moments.. However, before there was Madea there was Geraldine played by comedian Flip Wilson. A lot of folks have forgotten about Flip.. he was eons ahead of his time..Geraldine was before Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy and any other comedian that has made a mark playing a woman.

I loved the way his character Geraldine would talk about fictional boyfriend ‘Killer’.. I also loved the way Geraldine would interact with the guests..

Below is a classic clip where Geraldine engages heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali. We must not forget our history..

Another classic skit is Flip Wilson engaging the Jackson 5

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