The Only Color That Matters Is Green-(World Premier)

Jasiri X and Paradise of X-Clanare two of my favorite cats in the world. First, they are dedicated to the cause of trying to uplift our folks. Two, they stay grinding. Meaning they are constantly looking for new ways to educate, entertain and enlighten. Three, they and the rest of  the One Hood crew stick together like family..  When I went to Pittsburgh I saw how they were keeping the essence of Hip Hop together, by taken whatever situation that was tossed to them and flipping it..

 On Friday Sept 25th, we found ourselves unable to join the G-20 protest march because of police barricades. Instead of sitting around and complaining, Paradise and his crew member Sherman took their cameras and decided to make the thousands of police that were on hand a backdrop for a music video.  It certainly caught the police off guard , but it made perfect sense. Its our tax payer money and our streets. Might as well put that 18 million bucks to good use..

The song says it all ‘The Only Color that Matters is Green’  . Enjoy the video..


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