Killer Cop’s Dad Unveils ‘Free Mehserle’ Sign During SF Giant Game-Oscar Grant Supporters Counter

Killer Cop Johannes Mehersele

Looks like the father and un-remorseful police supporters of the killer cop Johannnes Mehserle who killed an unarmed Oscar Grant in front of hundreds New Years morning 2009 will not let up. According to Indy Bay the father and Mehserle’s brother have hung huge ‘Free Mehserle‘ banners from their Yacht in the McCovey Cove which is right outside of AT&T Park where the SF Giants play.

The other night the Yacht and sign made national attention and enraged the community which quickly responded by sending out boats carrying signs calling for Justice 4 Oscar Grant.  Yesterday we talked about this on our Hard Knock Radio show and learned from our guests that when folks holding the Oscar Grant banners showed up, Mehserle’s dad tried to run his boat into their smaller craft.

What’s at stake here is that Mehserle who is facing involuntary manslaughter charges is scheduled to be sentenced November 5th. The verdict is seen by many as unfair and way too soft for a guy who has a history of violence both on and off the force. Many feel that Mehserle is literally getting away with murder. The fact that every single police union in California petitioned the California Assembly in support in addition to funding his defense where expert witnesses were being paid 50 and 60 thousand dollars a pop sent a clear message. The police although paid by tax payer dollars are not in step with many of the communities they serve.

There’s a reason why so many people of all backgrounds have taken to the streets in support of Grant. First, what took place that fateful night was egregious. Racial epithets being hurled at Grant moments before he was shot, police falsifying reports to cover up the incident, the men on the platform forced to sit there for handcuffed hours after Grant was killed was inexcusable. The fact that there were no police officers holding press conferences assuring the public what took place was wrong brought up painful memories for many who have been victim or witnesses police misconduct.

As was pointed out during our interview with organizers Rachel Jackson, Jack Bryson and Jack Heyman of the Longshoremen’s Union it should be remembered that  since the late 70s over 10 thousand people have been killed by police. Bryson pointed out the overwhelming majority Black and Brown men.

Since the verdict, the police and cops-can-do-no-wrong Mehserle supporters have held all sorts of rallies around the Bay Area in an attempt to influence the sentencing judge. The rallies are held as a way to show that the public backs Mehserle and believes his story that he accidentally grabbed his taser as opposed to a gun.

Most of these rallies have been held in the suburbs 20-30 miles outside of Oakland where Mehserle did his dirty deed. I guess they wouldn’t find a supportive crowd in this neck of the woods which again, should show you just how disconnected things are between the police and  communities they serve.

It’s interesting to note that the police have adopted many of the tactics and populus slogans used by activists to bring attention to political prisoners. At these often sparsely attended rallies, you will see signs that read ‘Justice 4 Johannes Mehserle‘, ‘Free Johannes‘ even the The System is broken Free Mehserle Organizers present the story as if Mehserle is the victim, even though he’s the one who did the killing and has  yet to personally apologize to  the family including Grant’s 4-year-old daughter.

The community responded to Mehserle's father Free Mehserle signs with signs supporting Grant

The stunt with the Yacht is pulled from the direct action playbook of activists who often find themselves shut out by mainstream media and resort to hanging banners in public spaces as a way to bring attention to a cause. What’s sad here is that the police already have tight relationships with the media. We saw that during the day of the verdict where reporters were mainstream reporters were embedded along with the police while everyone else including scores of independent journalists were threatened with arrests, even after show department issued press passes. The police had created a second tier of passes.

Grant supporters are not sitting back and allowing this to go unchallenged. In addition to dispatching boats of their own, there are a plans by the Longshoremen’s Union to shut down the port of Oakland this Saturday. As Jack Heyman pointed out, many of his members could relate to the Grant killing. They have sons and daughters who have been mistreated by the police. Many of his members have found themselves being hemmed up. Heyman pointed out that when their union was forming there were striking members shot by the police. Heyman wrote a great article explaining why the Longshoremen’s Union will be shutting things down this weekend in support of Oscar Grant. Justice for Oscar Grant! Jail for Killer Cops! Longshore To Shutdown All Bay Area Ports

There will be a big rally in support of Oscar Grant this Saturday at 12 noon in front of Oakland City Hall. Perhaps folks should show up with signs that read ‘Fry Mehserle’ instead of ‘Free Mehserle

written by Davey D

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Sights, Sounds & Insights From Yesterday’s Pro-Johannes Mehserle Rally

So yesterday we had the big show down in Walnut Creek, California.. where supporters of killer cop Johannes Mehserle decided to throw a rally to show support. This is in spite of his involuntary manslaughter conviction, his violent past and the fact that fellow law enforcement officers found his former employer BART was negligent in how they trained officers and how they handled events the night Oscar Grant was killed by Mehserle. Check out the following reports for better understanding..NOBLE (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) and the Meyer Nave Investigation.

The fact that you did have law enforcement officers out there supporting Mehserle in spite of his negligence shows you just how strong the ‘Stop Snitching’ Rule is within the ranks of law enforcement. There’s an old saying, don’t ask people to do what you aren’t willing to do yourself and the fact that every single police union in the state of California came out to back Mehserle including raising funds for his defense and we did not see any ‘good’ officers speak out against his horrific actions speaks volumes.

It was also interesting when Mehserle’s father Todd showed up.. His reputation leaves a lot to be desired. Here’s some insight into this character His sordid past represents some of what took place yesterday in which racial epithets were hurled at Oscar Grant supporters. Bay Area film maker Moon Cricket will be posting all that later this week. It will no doubt be an eye opener for Bay Area folks showing us just how deep seated racism is here in the liberal Bay Area.

Below are some of the sights and sounds from yesterday’s rally..Here’s an excerpt from my boy Black Hour Reporter  Reginald James

A rally staged in support of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle in Walnut Creek Monday afternoon drew hundreds of protesters, dozens of journalists and photographers and plenty of police.

But instead of the 100 Mehserle supporters, gathered in the parking lot between the Contra Costa Superior Court building and the Buttercup restaurant, being greeting by a stage, podium or speakers, they were met by counter-protesters demanding Justice for Oscar Grant. Mehserle was convicted July 8 of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 shooting of Grant at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland.

Pro-Mehserle and law enforcement protesters held signs like, “Free Mehserle,” “If U Don’t Like Police Officers, Next Time You Need Help, Call a MethHead.”

Shortly after 2 p.m. (when the rally was to begin) the number of counter-protesters began to swell. Demonstrators held signs that read, “Jail Killer Cops” and “Justice for Oscar Grant.” The street was filled with protesters standing in the street along Ygnacio Valley Road, until police in riot gear forced protesters back onto the sidewalk. Businesses on the street had been closed since shortly after 1 p.m..

For much of the rally, demonstrators yelled back and forth as each other and accusations of racism abounded, but there were also strong dialogues between people on all sides.

continue reading his coverage here:

This link below will take you to one of the most insightful exchanges all day.. I wish they posted this on Youtube so more people could see and hear it..

Click HERE to see this video from Pro- Mehserle

Below is an intense interview conducted by fellow Oakland journalist Pendarvis Harshaw and one of the few Black Pro-Mehserle supporters Kevin Thomas. Not sure if Thomas is a cop, but many members of his family are and to that degree to hear his over-the-top generalizations about the people who live in Oakland is disturbing especially if his law enforcement family hold the same views.  What’s even more troubling is his assessment of politicians who stand against the police. Pay close attention to what he says about City Council member Rebecca Kaplan in particular take a listen to the swipe he takes at Kaplan’s sexual orientation. Kaplan’s running for mayor of Oakland and has now has a formidable enemy in the form of law enforcement if Kevin Thomas rep’s the line of thinking many officers may have.

Here’s another scene where demonstrators get on ground re-acting what took place the night Grant was shot. They are laying face down on the ground asking not to be shot.

One of the more humorous moments came when local activist comedian W. Kamau Bell alerted us to the other Black Mehserle supporter.. His picture was posted on line and folks went to work with their tongue and cheek remarks including this Top Ten list from Oakland resident Harold Lowe

10) He wasn’t really black; he looked like a white dude in blackface
9) He thought Mehserle was malt liquor or an exotic drink like Hypnotiq
8) He wants him out of jail so he can beat his ass
7) He is running for Mayor of Walnut Creek
6) Someone is holding his baby’s momma hostage
5) Republicans will cut off his unemployment unless he does this
4) His brother is breaking in all their cars while they read the sign
3) Mehserle is his bitch and he wants him back
2) He’s a sellout…or a Republican…sorry, I am being redundant
1) It’s the best way to meet white women

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