Eminem Gets Humiliated at MTV Awards



One has to wonder what this was really about? MTV stooping real low? Eminem getting his just deserts after years of dissing people? Payback from Nick Cannon.. Wasn’t a cool moment for Em.. Not in the least


Headlines: Sascha Baron Cohen knows from publicity stunts. Eminem, who loves to dish it out, may not know how to take it. (Or maybe he was in on the joke all along?) Anyway, showing up to present an award the MTV Music Awards as Brüno, his flamboyantly gay Austrian alter ego, Cohen, according to the MTV account, “descended via wires from the rafters dressed as some sort of S&M angel — if an angel would be wearing oversized wings, a white gladiator’s costume and a jockstrap — and introduced himself in German, ‘Ich bin Brüno.’ He then appeared to get caught up in his suspension wires, flipping upside down and writhing in apparent pain before asking to be lowered to the floor. His request was quickly granted and he crashed to the ground — upside-down and directly on top of Eminem, wrapping his legs around the rapper’s head, exposing his bare buttocks within inches of Em’s face.” The rapper, who’d previously performed a couple of “Relapse” songs, wasn’t pleased with being served a teabag, saying: “Are you serious?” He swore and told his bodyguards get Cohen Brüno off of him. Eventually, Eminem left his seat, prompting Cohen Brüno to ask: “Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?”

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