Hip Hop Wisdom: Bambu Speaks on Gender Politics, Filipinos in Hip Hop & Gang Life in LA

We caught up w/ Bambu who was on hand at Delores Park for the Eco-Fest 2010. He broke down the inspiration and the meaning behind the song ‘The Queen is Dead’. He talked to us about brothers using flowery words like ‘Queen’ and ‘Sista’ and not really meaning it. It called such cats ‘Macktavist’


We caught up with Bambu at SxSW last year ¬†and he spoke to us about the Filipinos in Hip Hop and gang life in LA. He noted that he doesn’t say gang life is wrong.. He says it needs to be redirected and folks need to use their talents and intelligence to really owning their blocks


Below is a pretty cool video for the song ‘Pull It Back


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