Austin Rapper SaulPaul Makes Moves-Set to be on SXSW Panel on Hustling & Grinding

Saul Paul is local, Austin based Hip Hop artists who is originally from Houston. He’s a fixture in the Austin rap scene who emerged and turned his life around from being a 4 time felon. He was first arrested by the FBI at for counterfeiting. Since then he’s gone on to turn his life and become a successful independent business man, motivational figure for the community and artist . He is best known for his Accoustic Hip Hop songs… He gives us a preview about what he will be talking about at SXSW when he does our Southern Shift Panel called ‘How to Grind , Hustle and Make it During the Recession’
In this video, SaulPaul, 2010 SXSW panelist talks about his new book Dreaming in 3D and how he took a bad situation (4 time felon) and turned it around within Hip Hop. He talks about how he had a boss who used to disrespect him and ride him all the time. That same boss upon learning he had plans to go back to school gave him some unintended advice..His boss told him to get paid for doing what you love.. Saul Paul decided he would turn a bad situation into something good, took the advice and hasn’t looked back.