Breakdown FM: End Violence Against Women (No More Tears, No More Shame)

logo-End-Violence-No-More-tears-No-More-shameIn recent weeks there’s been far too much violence directed at our sisters, mothers, daughters and women in general.. It ranges from the reaction to Steubenville rape verdict and the local NAACP President Royal Mayo saying she wasn’t really a victim to the recent Rick Ross song advocating ‘date rape’ highly publicized gang rapes in India to on going assaults in our own military where they say as much as 30% of the women enlisted have been assaulted..

A couple of years ago we did this mix in reaction to the disturbing domestic violence incident between singers Chris Brown and Rhianna. We wanted to bring it back out and give folks something to think about..Much of what was expressed then is still relevant today, if not even more so.. We wanted to leave folks with a message that is hopefully uplifting and healing..  Consider it our Anti-Rick Ross mix..

Speaking of which folks should be aware there is a petition directed at industry executives around Rick Ross and his disturbing song.. Be sure to check it out,  sign it and pass it along

There is also another campaign designed to remind people about the horrors of rape and how we must draw clear lines.. The video below speaks for itself..

Lastly with respect to the mix.. among the cuts we got hold of include jams from Brother J and X-Clan called ‘Wiz Degrees‘. Its a nice song about love and his appreciation for his partner and what she means to him. Its off the album ‘Mainstream Outlaw‘ which is banging.

Desdamona out of the Twin Cities has a searing song that’ll make you pause and think called ‘Faulty Fuse‘.

Two of my favorite songs addressing this issue comes from MC Hammer and Brand Nubian. Hammer’s track ‘Big Man‘, off the Family Affair album hits a homer as he reminds folks the harsh consequences of such behavior.

Brand Nubian‘s song ‘Sincerely‘ was completely overlooked when it was released on the 1st anniversary of the Million Man March‘. You will be asking yourself, why wasn’t this record being exposed to the masses? It’s an incredible song.

Two other songs to check is Bridgette Gray‘s heart wrenching Letter to Hip Hop. She lays out some serious questions that still have yet to be adequately answered.

We follow that up with a piece from fellow spoken word artist Amir Suilaman called ‘How Beautiful‘.

Anyway there’s lots of joints to get you thinking. Enjoy, reflect, pass along and most importantly Try to make a difference help bring about a world where the horrors of violence against women no longer exist….

Listen to 25 Joints by clicking link below:

25 Joints to Get U Through the Day #9
No More Tears-No More Shame-No More Violence

01-PSAStop Domestic violence
02-Tabb Doe ‘Sleeping w/ the Enemy’ (San Francisco)
03-MC Hammer ‘Big Man’ (Oakland)
04-Poetess w/ Def Jeff, Kool G Rap, Almighty ‘Love Hurts’ (LA)
05-Brand Nubian ‘Sincerely’ (New York)
06-KRS-One ‘Brown Skinned Woman’ (New York)
07-Bridget Gray ‘Letter to Hip Hop’ (LA)
08-Amir Suilaman ‘How Beautiful’ (Oakland)
09-Hard Knock ‘Hands of a Stranger’ (New York)
10-Sister Souljah ‘Relationships’ (New York)
11-Paris ‘Assata’s Song’ (San Francisco)
12- J Boogie w/ Zumbi ‘For Your Love’ (San Francisco/Oakland)
13-Michael Franti & Spearhead ‘Hey World’ (San Francisco)
14-Urban Ave 131 ‘Heaven Help Us’ (Washington DC)
15-X-Clan ‘Wiz Degrees’ (LA)
16-Bambu ‘Nicole’ ft Micah (San Francisco)
17-Desdamona ‘Faulty Fuse’ (Minneapolis)
18-NY Oil ‘You’re A Queen’ (new York)
19-M-1 ‘Love You Can’t Borrow’ (New York)
20-Gabriel Teodros ‘Warriors’ (Seattle)
21-Public Enemy ‘Revolutionary Generation’ (New York)
22-Queen Latifah ‘Nature of a Sista’ (New York)
23-Kofy Brown ‘Just a Woman’ (Oakland)
24-Michael Franti & Spearhead ‘U Can’t Sing R Song'(San Francisco)
25-Jennifer Johns ‘Afraid of Me’

Diggin in the Crates… 3 Songs by MC Hammer that Folks Slept On that are Nice

MC-HammerBeen digging in crates and listening to a lot of jams that were either forgotten about or totally overlooked..Here’s a few from the one and only MC Hammer who is now an official spokesperson for the City of Oakland.. This is one of my favorite songs from MC Hammer… He teamed up with Tha Dogg Pound and they delivered this banger and many slept on it. It was the Head Hunters album.. which had songs like Pumps in the Bump.. and It’s All Good..

This cut here is called Sleeping on a Master Plan.

This next song is off the hard to find Family Affair album.. Hammer came at things on a Gospel tip.. I recall when Hammer brought this to the radio station..and he had just started doing a Gospel show at KMEL.. He had some unreleased tracks from Death Row he remade and gave a gospel spin..This cut is called Never Without You..

This next song has an interesting history.. Its one of those unreleased tracks that was remade to a gospel song.. The original cut featured him with Big Daddy Kane and 2Pac..It was called Too Late Playa.. We had copies of that original track but was asked not to play them because Hammer felt the message wasn’t right..he eventually remade the track and did this song called Big Man, a song that talks about domestic violence.

A Few Thoughts on Creflo Dollar and Black Parents Spanking Their Kids

Creflo Dollar represent the new breed of Conservative thinking Prosperity Gospel Preachers within the Black Church

A few thoughts on this situation with Atlanta-based Mega Church prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar and him being accused of choking and beating his 15-year-old daughter with a shoe because she wanted to go to a party.. Far too much of the conversation has been around romanticized days when we came up and were spanked by our parents for doing wrong and getting sassy..

Almost all of us, including myself have some sort of tale we tell our friends to animated laughter about the some memorable whupping of whuppings we got with a storyline about how we were made to 1-Get our own switch, shoe or belt 2-How our next door neighbors would beat our butts for getting out of line and then our parents would follow suit  3-How our parents didn’t believe in time out..The only time out we got was when our parents took ‘time out‘ in the middle of whupping our butts..

We’ve heard all these stories and many more via Black comedy routines, where Black parents spanking their kids is staple fodder. The underlying implication is that Black parents whupping their kids is a far superior method to white parents who do the time out routine and allow their kids to talk back..

While such ‘tough love’ stories and comedy routines may be good for a few laughs the fact remains that we have jail cells filled with young men and women who got spankings.. We have many in our community who have been victims of some sort of horrific crime by those who had more than their fair share of parents administering butt whuppings..Obviously something is not working. Spankings in lieu of other crucial aspects of parenting is just plain lazy.. Eventually kids learn how to take beatings and may wind up being detached and totally unfeeling when administering them or putting forth other forms of abuse.

Sadly a good ole fashion whupping especially when they are made public can have unintended consequences.. Y’all recall the saga of 16-year-old New Orleans teen Michael Taylor? A year or so ago he was shown on video  being spanked by his enraged Uncle who wanted to keep him out of gangs.. Many said what the Uncle did was right, however it didn’t stop the young brother from glorifying the gang lifestyle.. He was tragically killed a year after that infamous spanking..  In the clip below the Uncle sums up what he feels was really needed at the end of the day.. Time, not Whuppings.

In thinking about the Creflo Dollar situation, from what we’re told he didn’t just whup her butt which is problematic in itself, but he’s accused of choking his daughter and beating her with a shoe. That sounds like some serious domestic violence, not a loving parent trying to guide his daughter..

The folks over at one of my favorite sites Crunk Feminist provide an excellent breakdown of this Creflo Dollar scenario where they note the large amount of female support amongst his parishioners. They describe it as Chris Brown and Ri Ri 2.0...  Please check out this insightful article: 7 Truths We Need to Tell About Creflo Dollar, Black Daughters and Violence.. Here’s 2 of them:

4.)  Domestic violence is not discipline. And this was domestic violence. And I find it hard to believe that a man who will beat the shit out of his own daughter, who feels biblically justified in doing so, wouldn’t beat the shit out of her mother, too. Not levying any accusations here, but I think it’s a question worth raising. Read this Black girl’s testimony and see how true it rings.

5.)   Just because your parents whooped you, and you “turned out fine,” doesn’t mean the whoopings are the cause of it. Black folks are overcomers by copious circumstance. But that doesn’t mean we have to keep recreating negative circumstances for our children and calling them right and good. I had a racist sixth grade teacher who made me cry every day. I still made excellent grades and remained undeterred. If I have children, I will not seek out a racist teacher for them, celebrate their ability to excel despite it, and then claim that they excelled because of it. That is pathological.