Cops Beat Down Professional Camera Man for Filming Them.. Very Scary

So this week we have all our so-called respectable news outlets rushing off to London to cover a Royal wedding.. While this is happening here’s what we are missing… Take a look at this Las Vegas cop beating up a professional camera man for filming him..Keep in mind there are numerous actors and celebrity types ranging from Sean Penn to Dennis Rodman who have faced jail time and made to p[ay serious fines for smashing on the paparazzi.. Apparently when it comes to the police, they can do whatever they want with impunity.. This is what Mitchell Crooks found out the hard way…Sad state of affairs..Whats the excuse for this?.

Just so folks know this isn’t isolated.. look what happened in Oakland 2 years ago. This incident caused a veteran ABC News camera man who been at his job 27 years to retire because of threats from police..