“Can’t” Knock The Hustle! – (Ignorant Blogs VS Jasiri X)

The real steroid abusing snitch Jose Canseco got embarrassed by being knocked out in the first round. Black Canseco knocked himself out with this lame attempt at journalism: http://www.hustleknockin.com/hustleknockin/2009/10/dear-debra-lee-open-letter-to-bet-song.html

What is going on nowadays with black blog spots who claim to be for a positive change in our community, but given an opportunity to support an artist who is the epitome of everything that they claim to promote, they choose to try to disrespect the effort while ignoring the obvious fact that Jasiri X is bringing positive change to the coon inspired, drug dealing, buffoonery that is being broad-casted as entertainment by today’s music industry.

First http://www.Bossip.com embarrassed themselves by totally missing the point Jasiri X’s song and video “Dear Debra” almost started a revolution on their website by posting Jasiri X’s video with the caption: Random Ridiculousness: “Dear Debra Lee” Video http://bossip.com/173449/random-ridiculousness-dear-debra-lee-video

Their arrogance and lack of research backfired with a fierce backlash from readers who pounded the site with support for Jasiri X – https://hiphopandpolitics.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/random-ridiculousness-bossip-urban-gossip-site-tries-to-clown-jasiri-x-video-get-backlash-from-their-readers/

That same day hustleknockin.com knocks Jasiri X for daring to Knock BET’s Hustle:

The only downside of this joint is that it comes from Jasiri X, an artist that almost no one outside the eastcoast underground’s ever heard of and probably never will“. Black Canseco

Really? I guess that we should immediately go back in time and delete history:

Jasiri X and President Barack Obama

Jasiri X and Russel Simmons

Jasiri X and Public Enemy #1 Chuck D

Had Mr. “Black Canseco” troubled himself to “Google” “Jasiri X” he would have found more than enough information for him to at least not play himself by exposing his lack of journalistic credibility.

This single post would have been enough to save his reputation as a credible blogger, instead it now makes his lame attempt to de-fame Jasiri X null and void and if he has a shred of integrity should send him into some serious soul searching:

Hip-hop Pioneers and taste-makers comments about Jasiri X’s new song/video Dear Debra


Professional journalists and writers do research before they write ridiculous, opinion based, void of fact articles. That’s what gives them “credibility”, but I guess since hustleknockin.com is just a self published “blog” and not a respected source of legitimate news, “you get what you get“.

What bugs me out about these lapses of journalistic judgment, is that these are the same people who rant and rave against the very same music industry and artists that Jasiri X’s lyrics are attempting to balance out, but somehow they don’t value artists who are not enslaved/ bought and sold by the same system that they claim to fight against.

If you want Debra Lee or anyone part of the hiphop music media establishment to hear this, you’ve gotta be either part of the establishment“.

The success of this song/video has nothing to do with someone from BET hearing it, BET is a corporation owned and operated by Viacom. One song no matter how great will not change them. However it is part of a on going movement of music by a larger group of artists who offer consumers an alternative to the offerings of the artists that you named.

“This would be a much more powerful message if it came from Rawse, The Roots, or Lil Wayne or Gucci Mane“.

Would the book “Knock the Hustle” be a more powerful message if it was written by Jeff Chang, Kevin Powell or Davey D?

As if the only way people should respect good music and new artists should be if they have the “stamp of approval” from the very same people who sponsor the “death-style” that has been rammed down our throats as Hip-hop for decades.

Sorry Mr. Canseco, I come from a time before A&R’s and labels dictated what Hip-hop was, if that is the only downside that you see in Jasiri X, I can live with that because that leaves plenty of upside!

Please hate on our new video “Beware Young Girl


It explores the disturbing trend of horrific violence and injustice towards women. You wont see your industry boys make one like this either:

More people who according to Black Canseco will probably never hear of Jasiri X:

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