Wayne Brady & Mike Tyson Hit the Stage and Re-Do Bobby Brown’s Hit Song ‘Every Little Step”

Ya gotta love comedian Wayne Brady. First of all dude is hella talented. Second because he surprises you as he seems to be always willing to push the boundaries and he has no problem poking fun of himself.

Back in the days when he was doing his variety/talk show folks used to clown and say Wayne was corny and very vanilla. In fact fellow comedian Paul Mooney remarked that Wayne was so white washed that he made news anchor Brian Gumble look like Malcolm X. Gumble also used to be criticized or bringing very ‘white washed’..

It wasn’t until comedian Dave Chappelle reached out to Brady and invited him his show to do the infamous Wayne Brady Terrorizes Dave Chappelle ala Training Day skit that folks really took notice and came to appreciate Wayne. Y’all remember this skit?


Now Wayne is back with a new skit.. This one involves him, boxer Mike Tyson and singer Bobby Brown.. Wayne remakes Brown’s hit song Every Little Step and does a video.. This is destined to be a classic..

Click HERE to see Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson video

Every Little Step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady from Mike Tyson

Comedian Paul Mooney Tells Obama Haters to Fallback-Respect the First Black President


Comedian Paul Mooney is never at a loss for words..Here the former joke writer for Richard Pryor and later everyone from Dave Chappelle to Chris Rock lets loose about his opinions on President Barack Obama. He is currently promoting his new book.. Black is the New White. He also takes us down memory lane to remind us 30 years ago he and Richard Pryor did a skit about the first Black president.

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