Jay-Z Meets the Beatles via Dangermouse…The Grey Album

Dangermous The Grey Album

In November of 1968 The Beatles made music history with ‘The White Album’

In November 2003 Jay-Z presented ‘The Black Album’

Today, the world changes forever, as Danger Mouse presents….

‘The Grey Album’



The Grey Album is an experiment in music that uses the full vocal content of Jay-Z’s Black Album, recorded over new beats and production created using the Beatles White Album as the sole source material. Danger Mouse explains that “all the music on the Grey Album can be traced back to the White Album. Every single kick, snare, and chord is taken from the original Beatles recording”.

The resulting record is a unique hybrid of work from Danger Mouse, one of hip-hop’s fastest rising stars. This re-interpretation is already being touted as the one of the greatest remix albums of all time and is bound to be remembered as a ‘must have’ album of the year for collectors and critics alike. Given its underground street nature, it can only be found via select hip hop record stores and secret hand shakes.

In an incredible year so far for Danger Mouse, he has already received massive critical acclaim for his DM & Jemini Ghetto Pop Life debut on the Lex/Warp label (“remarkable debut” says SPIN…”an Instant Classic” says URB…”Spellbinding” says Q ]

Later this year, Danger Mouse will begin producing albums and tracks for an array of artists including Prince Po, MF Doom and Tha Alkaholiks.

At the time of writing neither Jay-Z nor The Beatles were available for comment.

For More information, please check out http://www.djdangermouse.com and http://www.waxploitation.com. Danger Mouse is available for productions, mash ups, remixes and the like.

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