Meet Sweden’s Dancehall Producer, Creator of Vybz Kartel’s Hit “Summer Time”

Meet Sweden’s Dancehall Producer, Creator of Vybz Kartel’s Hit “Summer Time”Whether you’re in Jamaica, Canada or Japan, when the piano chords of Vybz Kartel’s“Summertime” chime in, it tingles your warmth senses and immediately transports the listeners into party mode. One would never expect that the catchy Dancehall anthem, recorded by one of Jamaica’s premiere artist, was birthed from a studio in Sweden, over 5000 miles away.

As one of the biggest hits in 2011, along with Popcaan’s “Ravin”, the “Summertime”Riddim, infectiously entered the party season, dominating charts local and internationally as well as receiving a nomination at the 2011 Soul Train Awards for “Best Caribbean Performance”. In Jamaica alone, “Summertime” and “Ravin” saw accolades from Youth View Awards, Jamaica Star, and Jamaica Observer.

All this popularity and yet, the producer, remains an enigma, a foreigner to the shores of Jamaica, but an architect in riddim creation.

His name is Andreas Nilson, and he is the force behind Adde Instrumentals. Composing such riddims as Summer Wave, Corner Shop (with JR Blender), BBQ, Happy Daze, Sweet Sounds (with So Shifty), building riddims for singles like Vybz Kartel’s “Bike Back” “Bubble Hard” and Mr. Vegas “God On My Side”Adde Instrumentals has contributed gingerly to the sound of Dancehall within the last few years.

From childhood, Adde was destined for music, receiving his first piece of equipment (a synth/sampler) at the age of seven. By highschool, Adde was producing tracks and deejaying receiving his Audio Engineering Diploma in 2005.

Adde InstrumentalInfluenced by many genres of music, Adde’s early productions range from RnB and Hip Hop to Pop and House, with a passion for Dancehall always present. As his strengths in production grew, so did the diversity of his creations. While parring with a few local Dancehall acts, Adde began his dance with riddim production, and it instantly grew into success.

Those first dancehall riddims later became the backdrops for Vybz Kartel’s “Bike Back”and “Open Up”, although it was instant connection for Kartel lyrics and Adde’sinstrumentals, the process didn’t go so smoothly. Adde explains, “With all the scamming going on, when I received my first contact from Vybz Kartel, I thought it was a joke. He even sent me a rough demo of “Bike Back” but the vocals were so distorted I STILL thought it was a joke. It wasn’t until Kartel sent me a video message to prove it was him. After that, well you listen to the results!!!”

Having “Summertime” become such a huge success, Adde Instrumentals has been working feverishly to keep up with the fast pace of Dancehall. Currently composing the“Bad Gal” riddim for Hapilos Productions with such talent as Chino, Di Genius, Demarco, RDX and Stylo GAdde Instrumentals has a busy year planned for 2013, as he conquers infusing authentic sounds into a foreign land.

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Tony Matterhorn Got Booed At Sting, Kiprich The Best Clash Artiste Since Ninja Man?

Guest blog :

kippotonyDancehall’s popular selector turn deejay Tony Matterhorn went to this year’s sting with a very high energy with multiple single released prior to the concert, dissing many artiste.

However sting night was not what he expected, the crowd didn’t give Tony a chance to sing as he was booed after singing his first song.

Tony partnered with Merciless to clash Ninja and Kiprich, but with the crowd response and the lyrical Kiprich, Tony Matterhorn was making a fool of himself, every line song he got booed.
Kiprich sings, “yuh a chat like a gal fi impress batty man, mi guh kill you mek de country have less batty man”. After that line Kippo takes command and Tony Matterhorn was then left with only boos every time he sings.

Merciless didn’t do much to help Tony. With a boxing ring set up for the clash, the crowd response gave MC Nuffy no choice but to ask Tony and Merciless to leave the ring.

It was then down to Kiprich and Ninja Man to finish the clash as Kippo believed he could also clash Ninja, who happens to be his partner at sting. The two went ahead throwing lyrics at each other; Ninja Man seems to take control, but the two end the clash in a friendly fashion.

Ninja Man then honored Kippo as the best clash artiste as he will retire from clashing.