Adam Sandler is Back In Grown Ups 2


Adam Sandler and company returns with his sequel, Grown Ups 2, a follow up to his 2010 blockbuster Grown Ups.

The film brings back the whole gang (minus Rob Schneider) Kevin James, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, David Spade, Tim Meadows and more. Its three years later and Lenny and his group of immature middle-aged dads are all back living in their home town and dealing with family life.

In the first film we followed each of the friends and how they came back together after their high school coach passed away. The friends all rekindle their friendships up at the old lake house with some very funny scenes. Well this movie doesn’t have too many strong family values like the first film. Instead it’s much more slapstick filled with comedy antics, and pranks the keeps you laughing. Grown Ups 2 is very reminiscent of earlier Sandler movies from the late 90’s such as; The Waterboy (1998), Big Daddy (1999), Little Nicky (2000). Adam Sandler takes elements from that era, but isn’t as successful with the set ups and punch lines. However, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade are such strong comedic actors they are able to save the films hilarity and pace. To be honest this film seems to target the teenage boy to mid forty year old man. Although the film has mixed reviews when walking out of the theater, I personally could not stop laughing. I had no expectations and came out happy. This film is unlike the original Grown Ups, but compared to Sandler’s 2011 Jack and Jill train wreck this movie keeps you laughing.

In this film Lenny and his family are much happier, the kids are playing outside and not the little jerks like they were in the first. His wife Roxanne Chase-Feder (Salma Hayek) is no longer a snob. In this film Lenny must contend with the news that his wife (Hayek) wants to have a fourth child. While Eric (Kevin James) unaccountably, must keep his wife Sally (Maria Bello) in the dark about how much time he spends keeping his elderly mother company. Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) and his wife Deanne (Maya Rudolph) are dealing with two teenagers and a new baby boy. And replacing Rob Schneider storyline is Marcus (David Spades) who finds out that he has a son that he never knew. Marcus must make peace with the thuggish son. Overall, the movie is a day in the life a bunch of friends and their daily antics. The only stand out moral in the movie is how to stand up from being bullied as a child, like most of Sandler’s film. The underdog always succeeds and gets the pretty women. The is film starts on the last day of school, Grown Ups 2 follows Lenny commandeers his kids’ bus driver, played by Nick Swardson, who is high on drugs throughout the film

As for the weak link of the film, that would go to Taylor Lautner and his band of misfit Fraternity boys. It was too over the top and ridiculous. Although we get the point that Sandler was trying to make about Fraternity life. Personally I felt he was off, being a Fraternity Alum myself. I thought the secret handshake part was hilarious, but making them a bunch of mindless muscled out idiots was not funny in the slightest. Luckily that only takes up 5 minutes of screen time.

Like we said before, this film is filled with gags, one liners and slapstick style comedy like his earlier Happy Madison films. Grown Ups 2 marks the first sequel for Adam Sandler, so we have our fingers crossed that it does well. Overall the movie is just summer fun, it’s not meant for anything more than to make you laugh. Yes it may have lost some of the golden moments of the first, but it’s a great weekend film to go out and bring the kids. The jokes are simple, the setting is basic and the comedy is for all ages, so grab a bucket of popcorn and a couple sodas and you’re off to the movies for some laughs with Grown Ups 2.

FYI: This is great bonding flick for a father and his son or a Big Brother and little brother type of movie.

Grown Ups 2 Film Credits:

Production Company: Happy Madison

Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, David Spade, Maya Rudolph, Maria Bello

Director: Dennis Dugan

Screenwriters: Fred Wolf, Adam Sandler, Tim Herlihy

Producers: Jack Giarraputo, Adam Sandler

Director of photography: Theo van de Sande

Production designer: Aaron Osborne

Music: Rupert Gregson-Williams

Costume designer: Ellen Lutter

Editor: Tom Costain

PG-13, 100 minutes

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Chris Rock is back in Grown Ups 2 and brings the laughs.

It’s three years later and Rock talks about how the cast all wanted to reprise their roles because they’re all actually onscreen and off-screen friends. Rock talks about the film and giving an update where they are now.

It’s three years later and Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is dealing with the woes of being a dad, getting along with his wife Deanne McKenzie (Maya Rudolph), dealing with a new baby who like to poop, a daughter who starts dating and his son getting into trouble.

Chris Rock talks about the movie being good old family fun while on the red carpet at the Grown Ups 2 premiere.

Chris Rock is already hinting to a third installment and actually we would be interested. Would you?

Sony Pictures, Grown Ups 2 hits theaters nationwide Friday July 12th, 2013.

Q-Tip and the Roots Redo the NWA Classic ‘Straight Outta Compton’

NWA helped break the stranglehold New York had on Hip Hop. They snatched the spotlight in the early 90s and made Compton Hip Hop's Mecca

I’ve always loved NWA‘s classic track ‘Straight Outta Compton’.. When it dropped back in ’88 it clearly captured the energy and urgent vibe at the time. NWA had broke on the scene and wanted West Coast rap to be heard and respected. At the same time they wanted to shatter all the myths about LA being a place with palm trees and beaches. LA was about hardcore gang bangers, vicious police and cats from Palm tree lined neighborhoods with a fearless attitude. That song and video definitely did the trick in terms of putting all the above mentioned on the table..

Over the years various groups have attempted to recreate that energy by doing their own versions of the song.  One of the best parodies was highlighted in the movie Cb4 featuring comedian Chris Rock.. Y’all may recall when he dida video for his fictional gangster rap group ‘Straight Outta Locash


Over the past couple of years the Roots have re-done the NWA songs when doing tribute sets.. Usually its been Black Thought and Skillz holding down the vocals.  This past weekend tin Chicago, the Roots took it new heights when Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest hit the stage to join Black Thought with an incredible rendition. Also on the mic doing Eazy lyrics was guitarist Captain Kirk Douglass. Later on in the show Erykah Badu graced the stage..I wish sometime in the future the Roots do a special NWA project with guest emcees like Q-Tip as well as original members and maybe even go on tour..

Since we’re talking about Q-Tip you should know he’s currently producing some tracks for and with Kanye.. He’s also producing tracks for band member Phife Dawg‘s up and coming solo album. He’s also doing stuff for Mary J Blige

Here’s a couple of angles of the group ripping this NWA classic. The first one is an up close angle at the start of the song. The second video is the longer more complete version..which unfortunately missed the beginning.

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