Drama & Politrix-Funkmaster Flex Not Happy w/ Tunnel Documentary

Funkmaster Flex

Last week we ran an article detailing the excitement around a number of documentaries set to highlight and give and the back story to some of Hip Hop’s most significant night spots.  We noted films being done on The Fever, The Latin Quarter and The Tunnel… What inspired the article was getting note about the Tunnel documentary. Sadly and unfortunately what is far too often the case, drama and politrix is unfolding behind one of the docs.

Below is a video giving a run down of what is going on with the Tunnel documentary. According to the story put out by film producer Choke No Joke, the club’s premier DJ Funkmaster Flex is not happy with the documentary.  He wants 100% creative control and wants it to go to a larger platform. The original documantarians were set to go through BET. Flex wants Vh1.

Flex contends that he was the one who pauid for the artists to come to the club, the documentarians noted that they shot the footage on their own initiative and their own dime. They were never hired by Flex.. Here’s whats going on..

In this Part 1 interview, Choke No Joke explains how he came up with the idea to put out a “Tunnel Documentary”. The Tunnel was one of the hottest nightclubs in the NYC and unfortunately it was shut down. All of the hottest artists in the 90’s came to perform there and Funkmaster Flex was the premiere DJ. Apparently, Funk Flex is not cool with the idea of a Tunnel Documentary being put out unless he has 100% creative control over the project and that’s when the drama begins!! Check out my exclusive interview here or on HipHopGossipSite.com!!


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