Chamillionaire: Hustling & Grinding in a Hi-Tech World…

We caught up w/ Houston rapper Chamillionaire who has been making a lot of noise as of late, not just for him reuniting with childhood friend and fellow Paul Wall after 7 years and going on tour, but also because he’s been making some behind the scenes moves into the tech world. In fact much of our conversation centered around us discussing ways in which rap stars can move away from simply setting up record companies and use their creative ingenuity to set up the next Google or Youtube.  

“It’s not always about making money with these companies, sometimes its about getting information so later down the road you can make money”, Chamillionaire noted. He explained that in the age of music going digital rappers need to be thinking outside the box and trying to figure out other ways to leverage their brand  and resources above and beyond simply selling records and merchandise.

We talked to Chamillionaire about how he stays on his grind and asked if he saw any differences in the way the Bay Area makes it happen compared to our sister city of Houston which shares a strong independent rap scene. He noted that one can definitely tell when they are in the Bay Area. The music and overall swagger is unique on to itself. However, the people’s work ethics and drive to succeed on their own terms are pretty similar.  He noted how Paul Wall and Bay Area rapper Tha Jacka had just departed the tour bus as I arrived to go shoot their own videos. Chamillionaire marveled at the way folks collab with each other and

Along that vein we chopped up it up about the large yet often overlooked Latino/Brown Hip Hop scene in Texas. Chamillionaire noted that he was impressed how large it was and how some artists coming from Brown communities are killing it in terms of the people they can reached. he talked about Houston rapper SPM and how succesful he was while many withing ‘mainstream’ Hip Hop circles were clueless. Chamillionaire talked about how some of his songs are popular in brown communities and the influence is so strong that he’s started rapping some of the songs in Spanish which he puts on his mixtapes.

We also talked about mixtape game and whether or not they were still relevent in today’s climate. We also chopped it about whether he would continue doing his  ‘Mixtape Messiah‘ series. He noted that after 10 years he decided to retire that series and launch a new one called ‘Major Pain‘.

We concluded our interview by talking to Chamillionaire about his upcoming album called Venom where he explained that he wanted to move away from being ‘political correct’ topics and explore more edgy type of material . “I wanted to be a bit rebellious on the album”, He noted.

Chamillionaire also laid out who he feels are some of the most important rappers in Texas that we should be paying attention to as well as his favorite songs including ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘Hip Hop Police’.

Click HERE to Here Breakdown FM podcast featuring Chamillionaire

Below are the links to our two part Breakdown FM Podcast.

Chamillionaire Interview pt 1

Chamillionaire Interview pt 2

Below is another interview that  our friends from Check the Levels  out in Austin did with Chamillionaire during SXSW

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Beef Squashed Paul Wall & Chamillionaire Set to Touch Down In SF

The recently reunited rap duo of Paul Wall and Chamillionaire hits Club Envy in San Francisco this Wednesday, March 31st . The tour marks the first time the guys have performed together in almost 7 years. 
 Below links to see the tour kick-off performance they did recently at SXSW in Austin:
Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (Part 1):

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (Part 2):

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (Part 3):

They are incredibly dynamic together on stage.
Chamillionaire is dropping his 3rd major album, Venom, this June 22nd and Paul’s The Heart of a Champion, is also set for a summer release

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From Bun B to Mystic to X-Clan to Dwayne Wiggins to NY Oil Hip Hop Steps Up to Help Haiti

Over this past week the Hip Hop community from coast to coast has been stepping up and doing fundraisers, prayer vigils, townhalls, teach ins etc for and about Haiti. The response has been tremendous. Thus far we’ve seen the Washington based Hip Hop Caucus who spearheaded many of the events hold a large nationwide conference call which included notables like long time Civil and Human rights activist Ron Daniels, David Banner and MC Lyte among others..This past Monday we saw Houston artist like Bun B, Slim ThugChamillionaire, Paul Wall, Trae and dozens of others hold a successful event for Haiti.

Last night in Oakland, Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone brought together a who’s who of Bay Area artist and athletes with the goal of raising 100 thousand dollars. Wiggin’s noted that he intends to go on tour w/ the Tony’s to raise even more. Last night’s line up included  Mistah FAB, Blackalicious, The Coup, Too Short, Ise Lyfe, Goapele and thats just the short list..Here’s Dwayne Wiggins talking about his plans for Haiti relief

Below is a link to the radio interview we did with Mistah FAB just a couple of hours before the show in Oakland… He talked to us about the importance of rappers using their influence and platform wisely. He said it would be foolish to sit by and not speak up when seeing injustices. He noted that if he can get people to buy sneakers, drink beer and hollar at someone through a rap song, then he sure well better be able to get people to be active participants in their communities and ambassadors for change.

Here’s our interview w/Mistah FAB

Also in Oakland at a seperate event was a community gathering that featured Mystic and Reverend Yearwood from Hip Hop Caucus.. We caught up with both of them to get their take on things..Mystic spoke about the importance of being a decent human being and not trying to politicize everything when there are immediate needs. She also speaks on the history of Haiti and why its important to get involved. Reverend Yearwood also spoke to those issues..

Here’s our interview w/Mystic

Here’s our interview w/Rev Yearwood

Last night in Pittsburgh, the Hip Hop community came together with artists like Jasiri X, Formula 412, Vanessa German, Jahi, Sha-King, Living Proof Paradise Gray and Brother J from X-Clan stepping up and holding it down. I been getting lots of good feed back from that event..

On Saturday in NYC.. NY Oil has stepped up and gotten a who’s who of rap artists to come together for a Hip Hop 4 Haiti event. We spoke with him the other night and he talked about being tired of artist just talking and not doing. He was moved into action after seeing a young girl pulled from the rubble only to die on her way to the hospital… NY Oil talks this as well as Saturday’s show in this interview here:

Here’s Our interview w/ NY Oil

In Chicago a coalition of people have come together to form a grassroots organization called Every Drop Counts  to help Haiti.. Their line up includes; performances by:

Fred Hampton Jr., M1 [of Dead Prez], Jean Grae, Mystic, Rhyme Fest, The Cool Kids, BBU, FM Supreme, Mic Terror, Mikkey Halsted, He Say She Say, Kids These Days, Haki Madhubuti, DJ Sean Mac, DJ Izzo, and appearances by countless surprise guests

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