Bernie Sanders: There Is A WAR Being Waged Against The Working Families Of America!

This is from Professor Tina Wright of Hip Hop Congress.. she is constantly dropping gems on us ..

I think i will post this video everyday until folks stop believing the hype and start FIGHTING for THEMSELVES because REALITY MATTERS…FACTS MATTER..and he spells them out clearly.

My latest mantra is “America’s obviously not ready..but YOU better be” ..which brings me to my most used mantra in class: “they don’t care… about us” …we either start taking care of ourselves and exercising people power or we go down with the Titanic..this nation-state is falling and it is not to socialism (as liars would have you believe) but it is to corporate fascism! and we either fight it or we’ll go down with the Titanic (fall of empire)… and we’ll… be first because we’re in the the bottom of the ship.

It is time to WAKE UP…in this corporate fascist state, the U.S. WORKER AND CONSUMER IS NO LONGER NEEDED. Do not let your belief in American exceptionalism blind you to the geopolitical reality you now live in.

I also came across this excellent blog called Activist Post where they outlined 10 steps that we all need to take as times are set to get even tougher.

1. Organic Gardening and Seed Saving: Skills involving food production will be the most valuable in a post-collapse society. Learning to grow your own food is a must.  Obviously, it is necessary to feed your family, but you will also be able to trade your abundance for other items. Additionally,learning to save seeds will also provide another excellent means of trade.

2. Food Processing and Preservation: Learning to process and preserve foods will be another huge skill in a post-collapse world. Taking seasonal abundance and preserving it for future consumption or trade will be vital.  Remember, learning to do this with limited electricity is a must. This can also include learning to brew beer, mead, vinegar, or other alcoholic beverages from meager ingredients.

3. Hunting, Fishing, and Gathering: Learning to fish and hunt is essential to survival. Having the proper gear and training will be priceless after the collapse of modern civilization.  Having reference guides for edible plants in your region, repairing weaponstrapping wild game, and fishing are great tools to have if you haven’t the time to learn them now. In regards to weapons, your ability to use them also gives you the skill of working security.

4. Animal Husbandry: Notice the first four categories are related to food production.  It’s that important.  Just gaining knowledge of one of these categories will give you an invaluable skill to thrive in a post-apocalyptic world.  Knowledge of animal husbandry can provide endless amounts of sustainable meat, eggs, and milk to you and your tribe.

you can read the other 6 steps at

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