Breakdown FM on All Day Play Episode #27: Beats of Resistance-Never Back Down to Oppression

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This week we come at you with lots of flavas that will hopefully inspire and keep your spirits uplifted. We kick things off with a classic cut called Jesse Jackson that we remixed with his historic 1984 speech at the Democratic Convention in San Francisco. That sets the tone as we follow up with a nice mixture of soulful songs that recapture a by gone era when music had rich meaning and underscored the activities in various social justice movements. As an added bonus we expand your palettes by introducing you some dope Hip Hop from Latin America.

Stand out cuts include: ‘Nema To Sabes’ by  Pescozada Y Juaquin, ‘Jingo’ by Santana which we remixed with vocals from freedom fighter H. Rap Brown..We have an incredible remake of the classic ‘Transeurope Express by Senor Coconut Sun Conjunto  and ‘Everyday People’ by Afrika Bambaataa….Enjoy and pass along


01-DJ Q-Bert ‘Jesse Jackson’ (Davey D Remix)

02-Jackson 5 ‘Body language’

03-Afrika Bambaataa ‘Everyday People’

04-Pescozada Y Juaquin ‘Nema To Sabes’

05-Ahmad Jamal ‘Rodney King’

06-Santana ‘Jingo’ (H.Rap brown remix)

07-James Brown ‘When the Saints Go marching In’

08-Afrika Bambaataa ‘Boingo Rock’ (Bernice King remx)

09-Azeem ‘Latin’s Revenge’

10-Tom Guerrero ‘1966’

11-Curumin ‘Dancando No Excuses’

12-Senor Coconut Sun Conjunto ‘Transeurope Express’

13-DJ Q-Bert ‘Alright’ (davey D remix)

14-Theme from Phenomen

15-Pleasure ‘Lets Dance’

16-AM– You are the One’ (MLK remx)


01- The Police Song

02-Rico Pabon ‘My people’

03-Maria Isa ‘Die Not Kill’ (dedicated to Lolita lebron)

04-YoYo Ibwing

05-Olmeca ‘Duro’

06-MIA w/ Afrikan Boy ‘Hussell’

07-J-Boogie w/ Lyrics Born & Aima the Dreama ‘Revolution’

08-Apakalips ‘peace’

09-Anita Tijoux ‘La Nueva Condana’

10-Pesconzada Y Jouquin Santos ‘Si Samos Guanoncoz

11-Public Enemy ‘House of the Rising Son’

12-Zion I w/ Brother Ali ‘ Caged Bird

13-Zion I Caged Bird pt2

14-J Ross Panelli ‘Hey There Sister’

15-Pharycde ‘Passing me By rmx’

16-Michael Franti ‘Hey World’

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