Official Press Release for the Rally for the Killer Cop Johannes Mehserle in Walnut Creek

Wanted to make sure Folks got a better understanding of the ‘spin game’ these folks are attempting play with todays rally for Killer Cop Johannes Mehserle. It’s being couched as a support rally for Law EnforcemenT.. I think Krsita Kreatin who pens the column Revolutionize Yo Block sums it up best

I do not find there to be even an inkling of a way to draw parallels between supporting a cop who killed a young man while laying face down and shooting him in the back and supporting loved ones of police officers killed in the line of duty. It is a crock that people have come together under some guise that a pro-Mehserle rally is honoring fallen cops and their families. I personally had a family friend whose father was shot in the line of duty (thankfully surviving) and this rally disrespects his service, his commitment, his sacrifice and his integrity as an honest police officer. This rally is a disservice to those honest, hard working, quality police officers who practice restraint and live and breathe to protect and serve their communities. What a shame. What a sham.


Lastly I will remind folks of two other things.. 1-Expect this rally to get tons of coverage because Walnut Creek is a key place where Neilson Boxes which determine television ratings is located.. It was a smart move by the organizers of this rally to hold it there. Its a spot I been suggesting to activists for years…

Second point there will be a press conference today in oakland with organizers around the Oscar Grant Movement.. During the big Next Steps Meeting this past Thursday in West oakland, folks voted not to go out to Walnut Creek for a variety of reasons. There may be some white allies to this movement who roll up…


Kristin ******** July 17 at 11:38am
To all guests of In Support of Johannes Mehserle and L.E.O. Rally
Rally Coordinators July 16 at 7:35pm To the Public:

To the Public:

All good cops should not support a rally for this man

We have received many requests for an interview from various news groups and reporters regarding the upcoming rally scheduled for Monday. It has been impossible to answer all requests due to the sheer volume, however we are releasing this press announcement in regards to Monday’s events.

Contrary to what has been portrayed in the media, this rally is NOT about dividing communities, inciting a race war or a political debate. The Walnut Creek location was chosen primarily out of convenience to allow for a central location accessible to many from different communities all over the Bay area. Many reporters throughout our community, but especially the Contra Costa Times and, decided to leak this event to the community before speaking with any event planners, thus creating an angry stir with some individuals and groups. As a result of their negligent reporting and failure to properly convey the meaning for the rally early on, hundreds of angry and hateful comments have been reported by various people and the true meaning of this event has not been conveyed properly. For this reason, no interviews will take place that will allow anyone to misconstrue what was said and the entire press release will be available for all to see.

This rally is NOT about inciting violence, destruction, intolerance, hatred, racism, riots, or to upset the Grant family and their supporters. Rather, this is an opportunity for those in our communities to come together in peace to grieve and voice their support for a former Law Enforcement Officer, Johannes Mehserle and his family and friends. There is great support for Mr. Mehserle as well as for all other Law Enforcement Officers and we recognized that an avenue needed to happen to allow these individuals to express their feelings and offer others support and encouragement.

We do NOT believe that Mr. Mehserle intentionally took the life of Mr. Grant. We believe this was a tragic mistake that occurred while on active duty and one that could have been easily preventable if BART Police demanded its officers wear their tasers on the opposite side as their gun and be made to draw that taser with their weak hand. During the course of Mr. Mehserle’s trial, evidence and witness statements provided insight that truly showed the action was not intentional. No one believes that Mr. Grant deserved to be killed nor is anyone happy that this happened. Oscar Grants family and friends have lost someone that they loved. Johannes Mehserle’s family, friends and fellow law enforcement officials have also lost someone they loved, respected and admired, but healing and forgiveness is only going to take place in our community if we make way for dialogue and truly come to understand the pain on both sides.

Throughout the last 18 months, Mr. Mehserle and his family and friends have been the victims of politics and persecuted in the public eye. While we recognize that some individuals are angry and hurt at what occurred on January 1, 2009, no one in our community has taken the time to get to know the person Johannes is. He is not the cruel and racist person he has been portrayed to be. We believe as a group that if people would truly open their eyes, get to know him and his family as well as other officers, lay the race issue aside, and open way to dialogue, that healing in our community can take place and change can happen that can benefit both sides.

Furthermore, this rally is also to support all Law Enforcement Officers and to show our thanks and appreciation to them for the work they do in our communities. Our Officers have a very stressful and difficult job, but everyday they work around the clock trying to make our communities better and safer for everyone to the best of their abilities. Law Enforcement Officers are rarely thanked or appreciated for all they do for us. To thank our officers for protecting our communities is not as some people have stated, “a racist move” – police come in all shapes, sizes and colors…. This is to truly thank them for all they do for us and nothing more.

We hope that those of you that attend the rally on Monday will show respect for both sides and for the City of Walnut Creek and the officers on duty. We ask that you resist name calling and intimidation, remain peaceful and truly allow a dialogue to take place that will promote healing for everyone. Let us know who Oscar Grant was. Ask who Johannes Mehserle is and get to know him through the people who know him. Talk with officers and get to know how they feel about their jobs, their communities, what they go through on a daily basis, how our officers can better serve you and vice versa. This rally is about opening doors of communication and setting aside our differences to promote tolerance and peace within our communities.

For those of you with ulterior motives in mind to cause harm to anyone, incite riots, violence, or destruction, we ask that you do not bring that mentality to this rally. Rather, we ask you to be respectful of those who want to be heard, regardless of whether their opinions and feelings align with yours or not.

We thank everyone for their support and look forward to Monday’s event.

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Oscar Grant Trial: Oakland Protestor Looks Back & Speaks out (Why I Engaged the Police)

Last year during the Jan 7th 2009 protest, (Oscar Grant funeral/ Oscar Grant Rebellion) many saw a young man with a black hoodie and locks engaging the police about their thoughts and feelings around the murder of Oscar Grant.. The man was seen on tape asking a series of questions about how the cops felt, their thoughts on officer Mehserle whose name was not known to the public and how they would feel if it was one of their kids on the Fruitvale BART station platform that night…The brother would not let up as he spent a good 30-40 minutes going up and down the police line asking each and every officer similar questions… He reminded them that he was a citizen, born and raised in Oakland and wanted to know if he should feel safe riding BART… It was pretty compelling as images of this brother engaging the police were seen all over the world..

I never caught dude’s name being that shortly after filming this, the police were given orders to clear the intersection of 14th and Broadway..The guy in the black hoodie and dreads was probably one of the first to be arrested and roughed up that night. According to him, the police wasted no time making a direct b-line to him..

We finally caught up with 23-year-old Jonathan Levy who was the protestor shown in the film..  Looking back to the events 18 months ago on the eve of the Oscar Grant verdict, Levy explained that he didn’t know too much about the particulars surrounding Grant until the day of the protests and his funeral. He said he felt compelled to go downtown and voice his concern and when he saw the line of police, he decided to approach them.

He explained that like most young men in Oakland his interactions with the police have not been positive. Oscar Grant’s murder struck a nerve. In engaging the police, Levy noted that he made it a point to stay within the lines of the law. In fact on several occasions he asked if his questions were illegal or if he was doing anything wrong. He never got a response.

Levy noted that his questions connected with a couple of the officers. He felt that all of them should’ve been out there protesting with the people and speaking out about the wrong doings of former BART officer Johannes Mehserle. Some of the other officer, were chomping at the bit as his questions got under their skin. As was mentioned earlier Jonathan was arrested, roughed up. His brother was beaten. He was charged with of failure to disperse and unlawful assembly. Charges were dropped the next day.

Levy explained that he had no regrets as to what he did. He was ready and willing to accept the consequences and in fact felt it would’ve been hypocritical to have runaway after asking those questions. He wanted to make a larger point about the importance of seeing justice for Oscar Grant and his family.  He also noted that he fully expects to be out there with the community on 14th and Broadway  6pm.. the night of the verdict.. He also said its important for folks not to riot out of respect for what the Grant family asked for.. ‘We still gotta live here’ , he noted..

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Sights & Sounds from the Oscar Grant Memorial-One Year Later We Still Remember


There was a memorial for Oscar Grant, a 22 year old father who was murdered by BART police a year ago while he laid face down, unarmed on a subway platform with his hands behind his back. Many people from the community came out and spoke including his mother Reverand  Wanda Johnson and city council Desley Brooks who got into the ass of the BART officials who did show up…Here’s some of rthe sights and sounds from that day

Oakland City Council member Desley Brooks is not one to ever hold her tongue especially in the face of injustice. Here she smashes on the people who run BART for trying to give flowers to the family of Oscar Grant when they opposed every step the community took to seek justice for his murder by former BART police officer Johannes Mesherly

More sights and sounds from this past weekends Oscar Grant Memorial at Fruitvale BART. here Oscar’s Uncle Bobby speaks along with Jack Bryson who is the father of the two boys sat on the platform w/ Oscar that night. Oscar’s daughter Tatiyana was presented to the crowd. Also throwing down was Minister Keith Muhammad who let everyone know what time it is…

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