Former Employee of Bank of America Blows Whistle on Horrible Banking Practices-How is Your Bank Treating You?


By now many of y’all may have seen this video of a former Bank of America employee who decided to blow the whistle and alert the world about what really goes on behind closed doors at the height of this country’s recession. It’s interesting that this young woman came forth, because it was just two weeks ago I had my own horror stories as a customer of Wells Fargo. You name it, they were doing it. It ranged from them silently changing due dates, trying to charge me extra fees to pay my bills, charging late fees when the due date landed on a weekend and I attempted to pay the next business day to of course cutting credit lines with no warning, thus messing up my credit rating which made it next to impossible to get it restored. Oh yeah we shouldn’t forget the raised interest rates from fixed to variable..

I thought I was alone till I started speaking with people and realized folks with A-1 credit on down to regular average Janes and Joes were getting taxed by these banks, many of them who received bail outs.. Many of us have been feeling frustrated and helpless. Perhaps if people take a look at this courageous woman and start laying out their own, we will have a large list of grievances that we can we hold up as we demand change..Question of the day.. How has your bank been treating you?

-Davey D-