3 Revolutionary Videos to Get U Hyped-Sista Souljah, Paris, Aztlan Nation

Looking through some old videos and decided to post a few to put you in the Revolutionary spirit.

I remember this video and this album 360 Degrees of Power.. The beats, made by the bomb squad  were incredible and Sista Souljah who was an activist made the nice switch into the rap world. I wish they promoted her album a bit more and gave her more of a shot… definitely a nice cut.. 


This was one of my favorite songs from Paris the Black Panther of Hip Hop. I remember when the video was shot.. we had no idea how powerful those images would be, especially when since they were being shown on MTV.. We need more songs like this and outlets to accommodate them.. 


Aztlan Nation made a lot of noise back in the early 90s. This Oakland based group were activist who used Hip Hop as a way to get their messages across..loved this video they did back in the days..‘Home of the Brave’ was a dope album


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