Crucial Report Back from Texas.. Wendy Davis is on Her 10th Hour

Tx-Brwn-SouthernShiftlogoHere’s a quick update from Austin Texas where state senator Wendy Davis out of Forth Worth is now on her 10th hour of filibustering. Its been a grueling process with Lt Gov David Dewhurst going all out to bah on her as hundreds of people are in the rotunda bearing witness to this historical event. We talk to long time activist Carmen D Llanes who filled us in yesterday and is now updating us on the crucial details as they are unfolding now Click the link below

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Santa Claus is Arrested in Texas.. Police Upset w/ St Nick for Having Kids Chalk their List

Santa claus ArrestedInstead of tracking down criminals or better yet standing post at a school to make sure our kids our safe as suggested by the NRA, here’s what taxpayer dollars are going toward..In so-called liberal Austin, Texas..(it’s never ever been liberal too me except during SXSW), police arrested Santa Claus for having kids write in chalk their X-Mas list…

Below are two videos.. The first shows kids talking about what they want for X-mas.. The second shows St Nick being arrested for chalking on a public sidewalk..Last I checked, a little bit of water clears up chalk.. but hey what do I know..This should leave no doubt in people’s minds that the police work for the 1%..