Breakdown FM: Our Interview w/ Kam ‘We Must Save Tookie’

We sat down with former LA Crip Gang member turned rapper Brother Kam. Many of you may recall him as one of the first artists to sign up under Ice CubeĀ’‘s Street Knowledge Record label.

Kam gave us an in-depth perspective on how the system works especially when it comes to dealing with LA gang members wether they are reformed or not. He says that the end game is to keep people wherehoused and to not rehabilitate them.

He speaks about why LA Crip founder, Tookie Williams, a Noble Peace Prize nominee who is currently scheduled to be executed on December 13th is feared. Kam says his wisdom and ability to turn his life around and survive in the belly of beast has been troublesome to a government and system that seeks to keep Black people in a constant state of confusion and disarray.

He goes deep and explains how the government worked night and day to undermine the 1992 Peace Treaties which came about in the aftermath of the Rodney King Uprisings.

Kam explains how organizations ranging from the Nation of Islam to Bloods and Crios to ViceLords and El-Rukins in Chicago are honeycombed with agents who are there to disrupt.He talks about how many of these agents specialize in behavior science and they honed their skillz during the cold war when they were undermining soviet sponsored governments. He says after the cold war, many of those agents returned home and have been assigned to inner cities.

Kam also talks about why we have not seen or heard from more rappers who like to claim Crip and LA gang culture in their music, but have remained silent around the campaign to save Tookie. He talks about how many artists and entertainers can be brought off for a few peices of silver and the opportunity to be famous.

Kam concludes the interview by speaking about why it is important for everyone who is righteous to link up and get organized. he notes that our enemies although wicked are extremely organized. He also cautions us to not try to out Devil the Devil, but to stand for truth.

To listen to this interview go to the link below. You can either stream this or download it..

Stanley Williams is scheduled to be executed by the State of California on December 13, 2005.

Stanley Tookie Williams‘ petition for clemency will be filed with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday, November 8, 2005.

The petition will be available at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time on November 8 at and at . Additional information will continue to be posted on these sites.

written by Davey D