Nas Nominated for a Grammy 18 times-Yet has never Won?

Nas has been Nominated for a Grammy 18 times

Nas has been Nominated for a Grammy 18 times

It was interesting peeping this Nas interview w/ Angie Martinez… Here it was revealed Nas has been nominated 18 times for a Grammy yet has never won.. My guess is Nas’s name is used as a way to suggest the Grammys are somehow creditable.. If you see his name on any list where they are talking about the best of, then as a Hip Hop head you are likely top give it at least a second look and some consideration because Nas’ name is on there.. Of course he never wins. Seemingly everyone else who is usually a few steps behind and leaning more toward the pop zone gets the nod..

This year Nas was nominated for 4 Grammy including Best album.. His joint Life is Good will go head to head with albums by Drake, Rick Ross, The Roots, Lupe Fiasco and 2 Chainz.

His song Daughters has been nominated as best rap song and best rap performance.


His song Cherry wine w/ the late Amy Winehouse has been nominated for best rap song/ collaboration