Hiero’s ‘Gun Fever’ Adds to Hip Hop’s Long Debate on Gun Control

Hiero Says No to GunsWas peeping this recent video from Hiero directed by Casual who recently did a song and video addressing gun violence in their native Oakland..The song added to the nationwide highly controversial debate about gun control.

“We are not promoting guns or violence,” explains Tajai (Hieroglyphics / Souls Of Mischief), “but simply expressing our thoughts on the issue and encouraging further dialogue.”


Adding to the conversation is Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion who teamed up with Drake and his daughter Cori B to give their take on gun violence.


In watching those two video,  I got to thinking about how divided folks within Hip Hop have been on this topic over the years. While its probably safe to say, when asked very few would advocate violence, but there have been quite a few artists ranging from  Ice T to Spice 1 who have said absolutely ‘No’ to retiring their guns..While rap peers like Pharaoh Monch and Nas have given voice to the harms of hot led flying through our community.


Of course we had last year’s famous twitter debate between NRA member Killer Mike and Boston emcee Akrobatik. This is the fullexchange which was captured by the good folks over at The Rap Up.

Killer Mike debate

Killer Mike debate pt 2.

Killer Mike Debate pt3

Killer Mike debate pt4

Killer Mike debate pt5

That debate reminds of the ones that jumped off back in the days when Ice Cube’s old group, Da Lench Mob, made it clear that the AK-47 was essential for us to get our freedom… How many of y’all remember this video and these searing lyrics?

An AK talks but bullshit runs
I wish I had time to count all my guns
‘Cause a nigga is runnin’ out of funds
But H.Rap says “Freedom got a strap!”
[I wish I was in dixie Ak Ak
Then shit wouldn’t have been bad in the sixties
No way No way]


We also have long time gun enthusiast Bay Area rapper E-A-Ski who came on my radio show and got into a heated debate with gun control folks..He like Killer Mike who came on the scene years after, has long argued against banning guns. He did this popular song back in the days called ‘Blast if I Have To




4 Hip Hop Songs of Advice and Reflection for the Young Black male



Digging in the Crates w/ Davey D #1

There are lots of tracks we can look at and I think folks should add to this so we can compile a list.. But here’s three songs that I feel address the plight of the inner city Black male….

The first one comes from Boston rapper Akrobatik who drops gems to the shorties he sees hanging out on the Front Steps (Tough Love)… The beat is dope and the lyrics are incredible… Its a damn shame that major radio stations never picked up this song and that way too many people sleep on one of my favorite artists Akrobatik

2Pac dropped a dope 3 minute song that thoroughly expressed the angst and plight of the young Black inner city male

2Pac dropped a dope 3 minute song that thoroughly expressed the angst and plight of the young Black inner city male

The second one ‘Streetz Are Deathrow’ comes courtesy of the late 2Pac. Its always been my favorite cut from him.  In a about 3 minutes Pac underscores the tormented mindset of a young cat trying to navigate an increasing confusing world..I wish he did a video for this song.. Not sure if I ever heard Pac do this song live..But he captures the moment on this piece


I know i said I would post up 3 songs, but I couldn’t post the 2pac cut without digging in the crates and pulling out Ice Cube. His 1990 song ‘The Product’  sits right alongside this 2pac cut. It’s off the Kill at Will Ep. Cube skillfully takes us from the moment of conception to the tragic ending in a jail cell.. Coming at the tale end of the crack era Cube like Pac captures urgency of a troubled time.. Cube was arguably at his best when he flipped this song..


The last one is a classic from Blastmaster KRS-One.. ‘Loves Gonna Getcha’ .. Like Akrobatik’s cut this song is one that dispenses advice as KRS lays out the all too familiar plight of the neighborhood dope dealer who’s love for material possessions leaves him blind to the realities and dangers of life..Its songs like this that made everyone fall in love with KRS and see him as one of the best Hip Hop has ever produced..


Anyway enjoys these gems and feel free to post up songs that you feel need to be listened to by ‘the young black male’

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Ice Cube's song 'The Product' still holds true for many Black males almost 20 years after he recorded it.

Ice Cube's song 'The Product' still holds true for many Black males almost 20 years after he recorded it.