Breakdown FM on ADP: Do U Wanna Soul Clap?


Yesterday on Breakdown FM heard weekly on All Day Play (ADP), we took it there with a nice soul mix.. Many of y’all like to call the music we rocked, Neo-soul, but I’m gonna honor the wishes of artists like Erykah Badu who insists that we not separate what she and others do from the cannon of soul..

So what was rocked yesterday was a retro mix with everyone  from Rapahel Saadiq to Q-Tip and Janet Jackson to Mary J Blige w/ Smif & Wessun.. all coming across my turntables.

Do U Wanna Soul-Clap?.. That’s the theme of the mix.. How can you not when what we drop is so funky.. Enjoy

Download or stream Breakdown FM Mix HERE

01-Rakim ‘Remember That’

02-Alicia Keyes ‘ If I Was Your Woman’

03-Malcolm X America Doesn’t Love Us’

04-Janet Jackson w/ Q-Tip Till Its Gone”

05-Davina ‘You and Me’

06-Sunshine Anderson ‘Lunch and Dinner’

07-Mary J Blige ‘I Love You w/ Smif and Wesson’

08- Akrobatik ‘Remind My Soul ‘ Jesse Jackson remix

09-Erykah Badu ‘Otherside of the Game’

10-Eric B & Rakim I Got Soul ‘Neo soul remix’

11-Rashann Patterson ‘I’m Trying to Get Into You’

12-Mantronix ‘Gotta Lotta Love’

13-Rebirth The Movement’

14-Blackalicious First in Flight’ Eldrigfe Clever Mix)

15- Rapahel Saadiq ‘Never felt this Way’

16-Joi I’m Not Gonna Be Weak’

01-Raphael Saadiq ‘Tic Toc

02- If I let You take Me Home

03-Sunshine Anderson ‘I Heard It all Before’

04-Clipse ‘Everyday Made It’

05-Raphael Saadiq w/ Q-Tip

ADP: Fear of All People Being Free in America…July 4th Holiday Mix

This week on All Day Play FM we come at you with a nice little mix to remind you what Independence Day is really about… Should we be shooting off fireworks and singing God bless America? Only after we have true justice and everyone is free of persecution, inequality and oppression, not just here in America but all over the world.. Until then we must remember the struggle continues.. We must never forget the sordid legacy of our so-called founding fathers.. Many of them massive slave owners.. Right Tommy Jefferson? Click the link above to peep the mix..

01-MLK Meets Dr Dre.. ‘America Is Just a Dream’

02-Piper & Flipsyde ‘US History (original mix)

03Public Enemy ‘Ain’tNuthing Butter Song’

04-Pete Rock & CL SmoothAnger in the Nation

05-Gil Scott-Heron ‘Winter in America’

06-Rev Wright Meets Euphrates ‘America Lied’

07-I Was Born w/ Two Tongues ‘Excuse Me America’

08-Michael Franti & Spearhead ‘Its a Crime to Be Broke in America’

09-Lupe Fiasco ‘American Terrorist’

10-Immortal Technique, Killer Mike¬† & Brother Ali ‘Civil War’

11-Danny Glover ‘Frederick Douglass July 4th Address’

12-Goapele ‘Red, White & Blue