25 Joints to Get U Thru the Day #18: Beats Till The Break of Dawn


25 Joints to Get U Thru the Day #18:  Beats Till The Break of Dawn


01-Speech ‘When It feels Right’ (Atlanta)

02-Mia X ‘1 Life 1 Love’ (New Orleans)

03-KRS-One w/ Buckshot ‘Robot’ (New York)

04-Rico Pabon ‘It Ain’t Real’ (Bay Area)

05-Aceyalone & the Lonely One ‘The Lonely Ones’ (Los Angeles)

06-Breakastra ‘Low Down Stank’ (Los Angeles)

07-Menahan Street Band ‘The Traitor’ (MalcolmX -Davey D rmx (Brooklyn)

08-Orgone ‘Said and Done’ (Los Angeles)

09-Chamber Brothers¬†w/ MLK ‘Aint No Mountain High Enuff’ (remix)

10-Plant Life ‘What a World-Baby Girl’ (Los Angeles)

11-Move.Ment ‘Higher’ (Breath) (Los Angeles)

12-Kofy Brown ‘Playing Fields’ (Oakland)

13-J Ross Panelli w/ Kris Ranson ‘No Fairly Tale’ (Reno)

14-Medusa & Kid Named Miles ‘New Definition’ (Los Angeles)

15-Zion I ‘Zion I in Japan Count It Down’ (Oakland)

16-Ras Ceylon ‘War A Gwan’ (Oakland)

17-Mos Def ‘Priority’ (Brooklyn)

18-Invincble w/ Finale ‘Recognize’ (Detroit)

19-GMCaz, Brand Nubian & QMC ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’ (New York)

20-Tiye Phoenix ‘Reachin’ (Shemix) (New Jersey)

21-Tiye Phoenix ‘Interview w/ Davey D’

22-Tiye Phoenix ‘Flashing’ (New Jersey)

23-Living Legends ‘She Wants Me’ (Oakland/LA)

24-Jahi w/ADL ‘SOS’ (Cleveland/Denmark)

25-Mic Geronimo w/Sticman ‘Running Out of Time’ (Portland/ Atlanta)

26-Sellaisee ‘Is It Even Meat’ (San Francisco)

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