25 Joints to Get U Thru the Day-Michael Jackson-My Forever Came Today




25 Joints-My Forever Came Today
by Davey D

In the aftermath of the death of the best entertainer the world has ever known, we decided to go digging deep into our archives and present you with some gems that will bring a tear to your eye and yearning in your heart. Too many people are stuck on Thriller and Off the Wall and while they are indeed dope albums, there was a reason why Michael Jackson was such an engaging force prior to those releases. There was a reason why the King of Pop was loved all over the world and why musicians were always in awe of him..Michael Jackson had soul-serious soul. I’m talking they type of soul that sent chills down your spine and moved you to tears. We found some of those gems for this week’s 25 Joints..Starting w/ the classic ‘My Forever Came Today’ to ‘Maria’ to ‘Reflections’ to ‘Hum and Dance’ and ‘I am Love’ just to name a few.

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Breakdown FM-25 Joints-Michael Jackson-
My Forever Came Today

Enjoy and RIP Michael Jackson

Here’s the playlist

01-My Forever Came Today

02-Looking through the Windows

03-Life of the Party

04-It’s Great to Be Here


06-Mama’s Pearl

07-We’re Almost There


09-You Can Cry or My Shoulder

10-The Wall

11-Mama I Got a Brand New Thing

12-I’m am Love

13-Man of War

14-Reach In


16-Never Can Say Goodbye

17-I’ll Bet You

18-Hum and Daqnce

19-Dancing Machine

20-Music’s Taking Over

21-Young Kids

22-Sing a Simple Song

23-Ain’t No Sunshine

24-Greatest Show on Earth

25-Maybe Tomorrow

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